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Chestnuts in Seattle -- Where to go for a good value?

I've purchased them at the Ballard Market ($5.99/lb), and I know they are all around this time of year, but where should one go in Seattle to find a good value on chestnuts? I'm wanting to roast some this winter. Your thoughts will be appreciated!

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  1. Daynared -
    Try in front of Uwajimaya. They're already roasted, but they might sell unroasted. I shop at a fruit and vegetable market in the ID - across the street from Kowloon restaurant on Jackson, where they might have them. There are a few really great markets in the ID and I'm sure you could find them there. GL.

    1. As a variation, glazed chestnuts (marron glace) are available at some of the better chocolate shops around Seattle

      1. Check out PFI, they sometimes have them this time of year.

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          I can confirm, PFI has them for $4.99/lb, or did as of Saturday.

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            Ancient thread, new question.
            Is there local availability of a Chestnut called Marroni?
            (BTW $5.95 seems about the going rate in 2009)

        2. They also roast them outside Central Market. You might see if they sell them unroasted.

          1. Tader Joe on Queen Anne (and likely everywhere) had them this evening for about 5 or 6 dollars for a one pound bag.

            1. Thanks for all of the tips so far. I will try to remember to report back about the best deal I can find. Until then: Cheers!

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              1. I'll have to check to be sure and will update, but if you're near a Ranch 99 you can see if they have fresh chestnuts. I've found they have "gourmet" items at lower cost than the fancy supermarkets.

                For example, Fresh shiitakes at Ranch 99 are around $6/lb while other places carry shiitakes for $12/lb.

                1. Last night was at Ranch 99 in Edmonds...

                  Chestnuts $2.49/lb
                  Shiitakes $2.99/lb

                  1. I haven't had good luck with the ones I've bought locally (grocery stores, Pike Place Market, etc.)--too many moldy ones and wicked hard to peel. For the past couple of years I've been mail-ordering them from Girolami Farms http://www.chestnutsforsale.com/ in California. Theirs are fresher (no rotten ones), they taste great, and they're a little easier to peel. You can order them for delivery when you want them (I have 3 lbs. of the 3 lbs. colossal-sized ones coming the week before Christmas).

                    1. They have Oregon Chestnuts at H-Mart in Federal Way for either $1.99 or $2.99/lb. I'm pretty sure it was $1.99. They also have a cart right outside the exit selling roasted chestnuts and they have a cart outside on the weekends selling awesome brown sugar and cinnamon filled pancakes for $1. I LOVE H-Mart so much!

                      1. H-Mart has Oregon Chestnuts for $1.99/lb and $2.99/lb for large chestnuts. The Oregon variety taste better IMO, but are smaller and require more effort to remove shells. They are located in Fed Way and Lynnwood. Pal-Do World (another Korean grocery store) also carries chestnuts for about the same price. They are located in Fed Way, Bellevue and Lynnwood.