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Nov 16, 2006 08:55 PM

milanesa/cotoletta alla milanese/wiener schnitzel

The demise of 3 yolks makes the possibility of finding a good chicken fried steak pretty remote, but I have been having trouble finding an excellent "milanesa" (the south american term and I am not a huge veal fan so prefer it slightly with beef) over the past few months. This surprises me with the number of cultures that this dish appears in and how simple it is. I was even more surprised that Zafferano completely struck out for me on this (it was on the bone and rare, but batter had a strong raw flour taste). Vinny's has a good veal parm (and other veal offerings), but I think they just deal with the tomato variety.

I am probably going to try this at Tango (had it once a long time ago) for beef. For veal MCSlimJB suggested Via Matta or Metropolis, but the former is currently listing chicken milanese. Eastern Standard yay or nay? Any other recs?

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  1. Gargoyles has an awesome weiner schnitzel as a special sometimes. Call and ask them when it will be back.

    1. Just because I've been thinking of getting back there very soon, because it was so strong on many fronts (Hungarian, French, Middle Eastern, Baltistani) my last couple of visits, I'll mention Jasmine Bistro in Brighton Center. It's veal, though.

      The other reason to get the one at Metropolis (also veal) is the oh-so-wonderful cauliflower, potato, leek and asiago gratin, though it's also available as a side on its own.

      Another very fine version (veal again, I'm afraid) is at Locke-Ober at lunch, done "a la Holstein": they top it with a fried egg and anchovy fillets! That's protein, baby!

      1. I give the Eastern Standard schnitzel a big thumbs up - as much for the sauce and the artichokes as for the meat (veal). Wednesday's Globe mentioned the Gardner Museum's pork schnitzel. I haven't been in a little while.

        This thread had struck a chord with me as well for Friday night.....Vinny's? The last time I had a schnitzel / Milanese was early on at Sorrelina - I wasn't a huge fan of the pounded veal chop style ($$$). I'd rather have a chop grilled and juicy.

        Perhaps Locke-Ober, MC?

        1. I miss the weiner schnitzel at the old Amrheins. Some of their entrees were pretty average, but they had a terrific schnitzel there...

          Does anyone know of a place that has a decent weiner schnitzel that is reasonably priced? (say, between $15 and 20?)

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            Cafe polonia has breaded pork veal and chicken cutlets that may be schnitzel-like. I always get the saucier things there so i haven;t tried them but they are certainly below your price range. It's a greta place expecially as the weather gets nasty and stick to your ribs food becomes more appealing.

            1. re: hiddenboston

              Does it have to be wiener schnitzel or can it be veal milanese? Al Dente on Salem St. has chicken and veal for cheap. Actually, if the Italian version is okay, go to and click around. Antonio's on Camb. St. has it cheap too and probably many others.

              1. re: hiddenboston

                Aquitaine has a jaeger schnitzel, (it was described to me as the same thing as a wiener schnitzel but with a mushroom sauce). Quite tasty and generous and around your price point. I also liked the milanesa at Via Matta and, dare I say, Stella. I'm afraid If I tell anyone I liked anything there though aside from the drinks I will be forever classified as one with horrible taste.

                1. re: sailormouth

                  I think Stella has its moments: the pastas and pizzas are respectable, and certain apps are pretty good: cherry tomato salad, arancini, sausage. Prices are quite competitive for the neighborhood. Its weaknesses: sub-par entrees, inconsistent bartending (some folks are very strong, others very weak), wildly inconsistent service (we had one guy recently who clearly seemed to be on his first day as a waiter anywhere, completely at sea on a not very busy night), and not enough seasonal change to the menu (about 80% seems unchanged since they opened). So we're bored with it; it's too dull to put up with the noise and crowds and service mediocrity. But we're in favor of the place; it reduces pressure for tables on nearby restaurants we prefer, and I credit it with Union's lowering its prices.

              2. No, I'm looking specifically for schnitzel. I love Al Dente, BTW...some of their daily specials are out of this world.