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Nov 16, 2006 08:42 PM

WonTon Wrappers

Anyone know of a store where I can purchase WonTon wrappers in downtown Toronto?


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  1. Any grocery store in Chinatown or large stores like T&T have them.

    1. Stupid question - but I've only made them from scratch before - are they in the frozen food section? I've never actually seen them in pre-made form.

      Thanks again!

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      1. re: KiWe Kid

        I've only bought the frozen ones, though they may also sell fresh (which can then be frozen).

        1. re: KiWe Kid

          The fresh ones are in the same section as fresh noodles or tofu.

        2. I just bought some today at Great Canadian Superstore DonMills/Eglinton - by the sushi take out counter.

          1. They have them at Loblaws too. There, they are in the salads area where tofu is kept (for some very odd reason). T&T has several types and they are usually kept along the back wall which joins the bakery to the seafood and with the fresh noodles.

            1. The Dominion on Front street has them, in the fresh produce section.