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Nov 16, 2006 08:30 PM

Kosher Shopping (not dining) near Pasadena, South Pasadena?

We're going to LA for Thanksgiving, and my girlfriend's non-kosher sister has offered to pick up a kosher (uncooked) turkey for us, do some major foil wrapping, get a new board and knife, etc., etc.

But she has no idea where to get one.

I don't know LA well, though I know there's obviously a lot of stuff in Pico/Rob. Problem is, she's in South Pasadena. Any relatively easy options near there?

She also works on the opposite side of LA, in Santa Monica, so she could pick something up around there. (Don't bother suggesting points in-between -- she won't want to get off the freeway in between and start wandering around).



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  1. Most of the major supermarket chains in the area (e.g., Ralphs, Vons, Pavilions, Albertsons) carry frozen Empire kosher whole turkeys. They even have them at Costco sometimes.

    I believe there's a larger Jewish community around Santa Monica than South Pasadena, so she may have an easier time shopping at the supermarkets near her workplace than those by her home.

    1. There is a Ralph's at Olympic and Barrington that always has kosher food. I am sure that they have Empire frozen turkeys. There is also a Kosher market on Santa Monica a few blocks west of the 405. I believe that it is called Santa Monica Kosher Market even though it is not really ion Santa Monica.

      1. Call Chabad of Pasadena.
        1102 E Walnut St
        Pasadena, CA 91106
        626) 564-8820

        1. I am actually from South Pasadena, so you found the right person. All the beverages at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in South Pas are kosher. All of the food is also supposed to be kosher (sandwiches, pasteries), but you would need to check the supervision to make sure it is reliable.

          The local Trader Joe's has kosher meat (fresh chicken and ground beef). Trader Joe's brand of hummos, guacamole, lots of crackers, bagels, soy stuff, etc. is all kosher.

          The Whole Foods market in Pasadena has lots of kosher food. Dr. Prager's fish products, frozen pizzas. Yogurt. Lots of fresh bread (I forgot the brand but it is StarK). Tortilla chips.

          Pico Robertson is your best bet off the freeway. There isn't anything in Santa Monica.