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Nov 16, 2006 08:23 PM

What is RAYU and what would I do with it?

I was at a Japanese-inspired restaurant the other day (as opposed to a Japanese restaurant), and we were served shrimp in a rayu-chili sauce. It was a tasty dish and I enjoyed it, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what "RAYU" is.

So, my question is, does anyone know what RAYU might be? And what would I do with it if I had it (aside from making shrimp in rayu-chili sauce)?

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    1. Rayu is a brand of sauce, spicy sesame oil.

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        yup...we mainly use it when we eat pan fried dumplings. mix it a little with vinegar and soysauce..yummy

      2. chili infused oil...there was once a dotch cooking show segment on the artisanal fabrication of it by one family...really interesting.

        1. I use it for gyoza sauce with soy sauce and vinegar. Also, when I make a hot and sour soup I pour this on top just before eating.

          For a quick soup that packs a punch, I make an egg drop soup based on chicken broth and egg, thicken it with some cornstarch, and then splash it with soy, vinegar and rayu.

          1. I was watching a Japanese show where they were showing a man who makes rayu sauce and searched on the internet to find out the names of all the ingredients in English. That is how I came across this site. He maked rayu from a mixture of chilis, ground turmeric, dried and ground aloe, guava leaves, and takonomi (grown natively on the island that sorta resembles a pineapple but when you cut it up, inside are peanut-like seeds and that is what he used). I am trying to figure out what takonomi is and which island it was as I think I may have seen takonomi on a recent trip to Okinawa. Perhaps there was another ingredient but this is all I remember. (You can do a google image search to see what takonomi looks like.)