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Nov 16, 2006 08:22 PM

Live Dungeness Crab by Saturday 11/18 on the Beticia in Moss Landing

Checked with Vicki of the good ship Beticia that docks in Moss Landing harbor. No crabs yet, but she expects to be selling them at the dock by Saturday. No price quoted, call for updates at 831.229.7373.

Last year's report on Live Crabs @ Moss Landing -

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  1. Melanie thanks for the headzup again this year. I went on your tip last year and sought out the Beticia. It was pouring rain that day but worth the short trip (I live in Watsonville).

    Both crabs we had (boiled simply in a crab boil) were sweet and tender. Looks like they kept the prices pretty similiar as the year before.

    Looking forward to getting the crab crackers out again!

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      Thanks a bunch for the report. I had to leave town on Friday and didn't get a taste of crab until last night in San Francisco ...see post on SF board for R&G Lounge.