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Nov 16, 2006 08:09 PM

Thai near 50th and 9th ave... i hear a lot

So what's better, Wondee Siam or Oleang Thai? And where is Oleang Thai, I can't find it... Is that how it's spelled? I want really good thai, not too pricey near 50th and 9th... Anyone?

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  1. I recommend Pam Real Thai at 49th and 9th above all those others.

    1. Olieng is on 10th Avenue and 46th, and it's pretty decent, but I like Wondee Siam better than Olieng, in general. Go to Wondee Siam (the original) to sit down, and order takeout from Wondee Siam II.

      Pam Real Thai is good too, but the quality is really all over the place. It's easily one of the most inconsistent restaurants in town-- some days the food is spectacular, and some days, it's barely edible. The Pam Encore on 47th is much more consistent, but it never quite hits the heights of the original. Much nicer dining room at Encore though.



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        Couldn't agree more. In the curry category, Wondee blows Pam out of the water. Same goes for the soups, particularly the Tom Ka. The noodle dishes are comparable, with Pam getting the edge if you care about portion size.

        Nosher, just curious, why do you recommend takeout from Wondee II as opposed to Wondee I?

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          The delivery is faster and the food is hotter. But I also think it's a little better than delivery from Wondee Mk. I. I wish I knew why!



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            It's funny...I was mulling delivery options last night as I read your post. You're right. Wondee II came in 30 minutes, whereas Wondee I can take up to an hour. Also, Wondee II is on Seamless Web, which is nice for credit card and communication purposes.

      2. If you end up going to Wondee, order from the "thai" menu (i.e. the menu that is only written in thai given to thai customers) or just tell the waitress what you are interested in and let her recommend non-traditional Americanized Thai dishes. One of my favorites is the deep fried crunchy pork belly with chinese broccoli and the spicy (no joke) scallop/shrimp/squid soup in a clear, light lemongrass broth.

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          About a year ago I compared the Wondee Thai menu to the English menu, and there was very little, if any, difference between the two. They are organized differently, but I didn't find that the Thai menu covered a whole lot of new ground. Maybe it's changed or they recommend additional dishes upon request.

          I have not eaten a good meal at Pam's in at least 4 years, despite many tries (nice people, though). At Wondee, I really like the grilled pork salad.