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Affordable cakes in San Diego

Hello! We are going to have an engagement party next month and I'm looking for a cake to serve about 40-50 people (about a 1/2 sheet). It doesn't have to be as fancy as a wedding cake. I've read the following as suggestions: Extraordinary Desserts, Just Fabulous, French Gourmet, and Michele Coulon. Any other ones, perhaps something more affordable than the ones I mentioned? Thanks!

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  1. The French Pastry Cafe in Carlsbad is very good for more European Style Cakes (not so sweet). I was on a party where they had cakes from them and they were excellent. It is also a nice place for breakfast and pastry in general.

    Carlsbad French Pastry Cafe
    1005 Carlsbad Village Dr
    Carlsbad, CA 92008

    1. I went to a wedding where they had a cake from Old Venice Italian restaurant in Point Loma. It was a delicious cake. Not sure pricing, but I would assume it's cheaper than the places you listed.

      1. I'm not sure how the pricing compares, but we once got a cake from European Cake Gallery and it was super good.


        1. Have you looked at TWIGGS or the GROVE BAKERY?

          1. Affordable cakes? Why Costco, of course

            1. I emailed Michele Coulon about ordering a cake for birthday party. (I was organizing it long distance, so I wanted to try email before calling.) Never heard back, sent second email, no response. I never bothered to call. If a baker doesn't have time or the inclination to respond to emails, the addy should not be on their site. Maybe their service is usually better, but I didn't have a good experience.

              I ended up making the cake myself.

              1. Second the Costco suggestion. Hard to believe, eh? But they are really good for large, tasty, moist sheet cakes with credible frostings - not chemical glop.

                1. That would depend on your definition of "affordable."
                  Flour Power has cakes to die for, but they are not "cheap". There used to be a place named Viking Bakery at Clairmont Drive and Clairmont Blvd in the shopping center that made great cakes (a $25 cake would feed 50) but I think they're gone.

                  If it's for an engagement (i.e., one of those once-in-a-lifetime things), I'd pay the extra and go with Flour Power on Fletcher Parkway. It's just off the 125 a mile or two. Stunningly good tasting, visually beautiful cakes when required.

                  1. Thanks for the suggestions, y'all! I'm going out of the country for 2 wks before the party next month so I'm stressing!
                    I will check out Flour Power since I've heard so much about them. I hope to visit them this weekend and maybe taste! I will also look into the other bakeries mentioned above. I don't think we will go for Costco but will see what they have to offer in case the others don't work out.

                    1. Don't know what part of town you're in but there is an excellent bakery in the Mira Mesa Mall and its sister location in Rancho Bernardo called Edelweiss. They make awesome cakes and aren't a fortune. YUM!

                      1. You should definitely look at VGs for cakes. They can do any size and have great decorations. The prices are good too.


                        1. Crumbs of Paris in Tierrasanta is consistently excellent. They can prepare a wide variety of cakes, and their prices are reasonable.

                          1. Try checking Crumbs of Paris out. I have a friend who got her wedding cake there, and I've ordered a few cakes from this bakery. The cakes were quite good and very reasonably priced.