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Nov 16, 2006 06:55 PM


Any bakery sell these? They really are best fresh from the oven. Also, anyone know where you can buy popover mix?

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  1. Making popovers is quite easy.
    A basic cookbook will give you a recipe as follows:
    One cup of milk, one cup of flour, three eggs, spoon of oil, dash of salt, beat together, pour in muffin tin, then bake at high temp of 475 degrees for twenty minutes, followed by reduction of heat to 375 degrees for another twenty minutes.
    You can now open up your own bakery.

    1. Popover Cafe in the Upper West Side (if you're willing to make the trek to Manhattan) has delicious popovers. However, I have made popovers at home many times and they've been great!

      1. Glad to hear Popover Cafe is still open - went there years ago and can still remember the strawberry butter melting into the fresh, hot popover.
        I must admit - I find popovers to be almost identical in taste to Yorkshire puddings.

        1. Yeah, POPOVER CAFE seems like the only one around, but there should be someone in Brooklyn brave enough to do them.

          I think FLAKO POPOVER MIX is in the grocery graveyard...but will check the Price Chopper when I'm Upstate this weekend.

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            there's a dinner in Queens almost at the Jamacia end of Queens Blvd called the Flagship Diner which does popovers.

            Had a yearning for them about a month ago and went there at 5 am on the way home from a very very long work night - they were out of them but when we told the waiter that's why we came and how disappointed we were he went off and reheated some older ones for us. Not bad but fresh and out of the oven is the best.

            hubby is british so once in a while we have yorkshire pudding which is basically a popover.

            1. re: tigerwoman

              Here's the scoop on D-I-Y popovers...KING ARTHUR POPOVER MIX...fresh from the fabulous Price Chopper in Cortland, NY. On sale @ $3.39 a bag with your official P.C. ADVANT-EDGE club card.

              No more Flako brand and Jiffy appears to make only the muffin and cake mixes these days.

          2. I saw Popover mix at Whole Foods today