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Nov 16, 2006 06:50 PM

Palm Springs New Year's Eve Suggestions?

Large familly - ranging from 2 16 year olds (well, we always have to take a friend now...) to 81 year old grandpa. Last time we went to Le Valluris, which I normally love, but it was very expensive & food quality wasn't to their normal standards. BUT... the setting is fabulous & we all had a blast dancing in the bar afterwards & agree it was a great NYE. I'm afraid to see what their prices will be this year.

Any ideas for something else we could do? Or even somewhere safe, but fun for the 16 year olds that I'm sure will be doing all they can to ditch us :-)

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  1. Bump - someone suggested Spencer's - any input?

    1. Not sure if Spencers is having any entertainment. Have you been to St James? They always have music but the bar/dancing area is small. Copley's has a large patio. I am not sure about entertainment there either.