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Nov 16, 2006 06:43 PM

what's up at al di la?

Went to one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Park Slope. I usually eat in the bar when I'm by myself, and in the restaurant if I have friends in the Slope. Where's the staff? Lots of new people make the place seem well.....a little over. They dont seem to love the place as much as other folks who've waited on me in the past. The food was still great, wine was great, but atmosphere was off. I miss the old staff. Looked in the other day, and kept walking because I didnt see any of my favorite staff. Went to Tempo instead.

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  1. Welcome to the site, Sharon!- I just wonder what all this has to do with chow and chowhond? Al di La isnt "over" for purposes of this site unless the food deteriorates

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      1. Thank you for the welcome. My opinion of the this popular Slope spot is just that, an opinion. No the food hasn't deteriorated. But as a person who dines out often, the atmosphere is just as important to me as the quality of the food. As a new poster to chowhound, and having read many posts, I didn't think my opinion would be so far out that it would have nothing to do with chow and chowhound. It seems to me to be a great forum for discussing all related to food, including an opinion of a favorite spot.

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          In my opinion it's relevant. That's what half the posts on "Not about food" are about. And just a few days ago, on this board, this post appeared:

        2. We are frequent Al Di La customers and as a matter of fact we were there last night. There are four waiters, that I know of, that have been there for the two years we have been going there. The busboys are even the same and are always gracious. We did notice a couple new waiters and some new wine bar staff but the food and atmosphere still remain excellent.

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            Ditto re frequent diners at Al Di La - and there is a new male server who was being gently eased in he last time we were there. But Anna is still cranking out some of the best food in Brooklyn!

          2. gotta agree with the overwhelming tide of di la is solid, foodwise and personnel-wise. We go approximately once a month, last there a week ago. Wine at the bar served by a friendly male host. A female host inadvertantly gave us olives, which we thought were bar snacks. They were actually for the couple next to us. We apologized and offered to give them to the proper party, but she insisted we keep them at no charge. Dinner was the usual wonderful quality and familiar staff served us and bussed our table (i guess the spelling is with one 's'...nobody kissed our table).