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Nov 16, 2006 06:34 PM

Kearny Street Pies

Just noticed a new place on Kearny, nr. Bush -- Kearny Street Hand-Held Pies. I had already eaten when I noticed it yesterday, so I stopped by now. Excellent savory pies made by Tom's Peasant Pies -- yes, that's right, Tom's pies are now available downtown. I am alternating between a Basque Beef pie and a Zuchini, Mushroom and Cheese as I type. Each is the size of a muffin, but weighs substantially more -- 2 make a perfect lunch, 3 might be pushing it. The beef is spicy but not overwhelming, the mushroom is more mild, a bit on the sweet side. I also picked up a Chicken, Potatoe & Veggie, but will either save that for later or give it to one of my office mates. Early in the day, they heat the pies up to go when you order. I went in early and chatted with the owner -- he tells me that, by noon, they heat up the display case so that they are ready to fly out the door for the lunch crowd. This is a welcome addition to the Kearny food ghetto for us office eaters.

Prices are $3.75 per pie, $5.75 for two pies, and $2.85 per additional pie. They also have salads and soups.

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  1. I like Tom's Pies even though many people on the board were not fans of them. I even like the dough.
    Do they only offer Tom's or do they also make their own pies? It's a good option in the area.


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      My understanding is that they are all come from Tom's. They don't cook anything on prem.

    2. Is this a lunch only place and Monday-Friday at that, or is it accessible at other times?