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Organic produce/food market in Puerto Rico....

Susanbnyc Nov 16, 2006 06:06 PM

We are going down in January and traveling w/ a baby who I'm trying to feed as organicaly as possible... We rent a condo and so do a lot of our own cooking. I have been unsuccessful in the past in finding a good "health food" or regular store that sells organic produce. I know that PR has recently become a big (bigger) producer of organics...jumping on the bandwagon as it were...but is it all exported?

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    Susanbnyc RE: Susanbnyc Dec 27, 2006 06:54 PM

    Really????? Nothing?

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      rmiller RE: Susanbnyc Oct 16, 2009 09:41 AM

      Planning a January trip to PR for the first time and I can't even find a grocery store on line! Where do they buy their food? Did you ever have any luck?

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        windycity RE: rmiller Nov 1, 2009 01:38 PM

        I saw a grocery store in Loiza on Calle Loiza but did not go in. The only fresh fruit I've been able to buy has been at roadside stands and in far away places from SJ - closer to fajardo there's an amazing shake stand that sells fruit and we also went to Guavate where I bought a papaya and watermelons.

        I saw an organic market on vieques, but I doubt you want to trek all the way over there.

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          elroymccoy RE: rmiller Nov 13, 2009 10:04 AM

          Unfortunately PR has not yet embraced the internet like the rest of the US has, however, I can assure you that grocery stores abound. But I also must warn that the quality of produce is pretty dismal compared with the US.

          Typically tourists stay in one of three areas: Condado, Isla Verde, or Old San Juan.

          In Condado and Old San Juan you have a Supermax located on De Diego Ave in Condado and in Plaza de Armas in OSJ.

          In Isla Verde you have Pueblo (www.pueblo.net).

          Tracking down organic food is very difficult in PR. There is a chain of grocery's called Freshmart that carries a primarily of organic items, however, the selection in fairly limited. There is a Freshmart location that is in an area of San Juan called Hato Rey. It is a 15 min. car ride from any of the three areas listed above. They also have a website, www.freshmartpr.com

          Hope this helps

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          annapurna7 RE: Susanbnyc Nov 2, 2009 03:21 PM

          There is a Costco in the Carolina area, you should be able to find organic staples there.
          For produce and meats, check out Plaza del Mercado in Rio Piedras. The market is not "certified" organic, but it is local produce and meat that are organically grown/raised.

          Hope that helps.

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            annepatricia RE: Susanbnyc Nov 13, 2010 02:40 PM

            Freshmart, as was mentioned, is really your best bet. There are also two small organic markets, one in Old San Juan and one in Roosevelt (like 15 minutes drive away)...


            Also Raul and Ivonne sell organic produce sometimes. They are in Patillas but are at the Roosevelt market, and sometimes come to San Juan other times in the week... it would be worth talking to them about getting organic produce when you come...

            And lastly, there is a plaza mercado in santurce, smaller than the one in Rio Piedras but more close (I walk from there to Condado in about 15 minutes). Like in Rio Piedras, you won't get organic per se, but more local. Ask around for directions, most people know where it is.... ask for La Placita en Santurce.

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              scorpios RE: annepatricia Oct 2, 2011 06:58 PM

              It is a good thing that "elroymccoy" is not the owner of the truth.


              So there you go...

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