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beaujolais noveau?

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When I used to live in DC there was a french bistro that would celebrate today by inviting everyone and anyone in for a big party that went all night, with free wine flowing.

Anyone know if any of the bistros in SF have something similar tonight?

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  1. Folks, please suggest places where you'd go for the wine, free or not. Off topic snarkiness will be removed.

    1. Okay, check out Chez Maman for a bistro vibe. My wife likes Cafe Claude too. Those both have a more bistro feel. I'm sure they'll have the wine too.

      1. I believe everyplace in SF that does a BN event charges by the glass, carafe, or bottle.

        Cav is doing an anti-nouveau tasting of B. villages.

        The Kermit Lynch parking lot event on Saturday is fun.