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Nov 16, 2006 05:59 PM

One special vodka cocktail for holiday soiree?

I try to have a new signature drink for each year's holiday party. In previous years we've had cranberry/rosemary martinis, champagne cocktails, etc. I'd like to make one with vodka this year (infused or non, either way).

Anyone have any ideas for a drink that can be prepared in batches of 4 or 5, served in martini or highball glasses, and is pretty, tasty and festive? (and strong, of course).


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  1. Pomegranate caipiroskas?
    (Caipiroska being the vodka-instead-of-cachaca version of the Brazilian caipirinha.)
    Muddle a bunch of limes and granulated sugar, top with vodka. A little pomegranate juice goes a long way.
    Top with smattering of pomegranate seeds.

    1. I posted a request for a recipe for a signature cocktail of The Algonquin Hotel not long ago - it's called The Parker, and has vodka, lemon juice and chambord. It's a lovely red (perfect for the holidays), pretty bracing and good, without being too sweet. I'm unfortunately not positive about the proportions, but I'm experimenting and have gotten pretty close with 1 part vodka, 1/2 part lemon and 1/2 part chambord. I'm still tweaking.

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      1. re: Andiereid

        I wonder- could you use creme de cassis with this? That would look pretty...

        1. re: Maya

          It would, wouldn't it? I don't know. Try it out! I like to experiment with cocktail variations before our Christmas parties. Makes the couple of months before the holidays a little more festive!

      2. Pom Martini

        3c. cups fresh pomegranate juice
        4 ounces Absolute Citron Vodka (add more or less according to your own taste)
        2 ounce Cointreau Liquor
        1/8 c. sparkling water
        Squeeze of lemon(to taste)

        Combine all ingredients with some ice in a large container with a tight fitting lid. Shake. Strain & pour.(or simply whisk all together).

        Rub the rims of martini glasses with lemon wedge & dip in some sugar. 4 -5 servings

        There is also a pom liqour called Pama. They have some drink recipes online.

        1. Do you want a Russian spin? Steep a few days in advance: shaved horseradish root and honey (quantity depends on how sweet you like it)- tastes fabulous, but you have to serve in shot glasses.

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          1. re: galka

            Do you serve it chilled?

            And, any particularly delicious or traditional bite-sized food to go with it?

            1. re: Maya

              chilled is good, any apps would do, salumi, smoked salmon, etc..

          2. A local restaurant serves a great cocktail that (I think) is plain vodka, lime, pomegranate juice, and shaved ginger. Spicy and festive-looking!

            I've also had great cocktails at a local bar that are just champagne and Pearl pomegranate vodka. It doesn't have that pretty pink color, but it certainly *tastes* festive!