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One special vodka cocktail for holiday soiree?

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I try to have a new signature drink for each year's holiday party. In previous years we've had cranberry/rosemary martinis, champagne cocktails, etc. I'd like to make one with vodka this year (infused or non, either way).

Anyone have any ideas for a drink that can be prepared in batches of 4 or 5, served in martini or highball glasses, and is pretty, tasty and festive? (and strong, of course).


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  1. Pomegranate caipiroskas?
    (Caipiroska being the vodka-instead-of-cachaca version of the Brazilian caipirinha.)
    Muddle a bunch of limes and granulated sugar, top with vodka. A little pomegranate juice goes a long way.
    Top with smattering of pomegranate seeds.

    1. I posted a request for a recipe for a signature cocktail of The Algonquin Hotel not long ago - it's called The Parker, and has vodka, lemon juice and chambord. It's a lovely red (perfect for the holidays), pretty bracing and good, without being too sweet. I'm unfortunately not positive about the proportions, but I'm experimenting and have gotten pretty close with 1 part vodka, 1/2 part lemon and 1/2 part chambord. I'm still tweaking.

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        I wonder- could you use creme de cassis with this? That would look pretty...

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          It would, wouldn't it? I don't know. Try it out! I like to experiment with cocktail variations before our Christmas parties. Makes the couple of months before the holidays a little more festive!

      2. Pom Martini

        3c. cups fresh pomegranate juice
        4 ounces Absolute Citron Vodka (add more or less according to your own taste)
        2 ounce Cointreau Liquor
        1/8 c. sparkling water
        Squeeze of lemon(to taste)

        Combine all ingredients with some ice in a large container with a tight fitting lid. Shake. Strain & pour.(or simply whisk all together).

        Rub the rims of martini glasses with lemon wedge & dip in some sugar. 4 -5 servings

        There is also a pom liqour called Pama. They have some drink recipes online.


        1. Do you want a Russian spin? Steep a few days in advance: shaved horseradish root and honey (quantity depends on how sweet you like it)- tastes fabulous, but you have to serve in shot glasses.

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            Do you serve it chilled?

            And, any particularly delicious or traditional bite-sized food to go with it?

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              chilled is good, any apps would do, salumi, smoked salmon, etc..

          2. A local restaurant serves a great cocktail that (I think) is plain vodka, lime, pomegranate juice, and shaved ginger. Spicy and festive-looking!

            I've also had great cocktails at a local bar that are just champagne and Pearl pomegranate vodka. It doesn't have that pretty pink color, but it certainly *tastes* festive!

            1. Sort of a drink/appetizer in one. Set out small rammekins or little glass dishes of kosher salt, tootpicks, and cherry tomatoes, and green olives. Serve an excellent and excruciatingly cold vodka in martini glasses with a splash of olive brine in them. I like to garnish the glasses with a thin strip of celery. Have guests pick up and olive or tomato, dip into the vodka, then the salt if they wish--portable Bloodys.