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Nov 16, 2006 05:49 PM

Dania Beach

Looking for great seafood and Italian, moderately expensive. TIA

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  1. You should try the Lauderdale Restaurants for Italian. They are pretty close by.

    Casa D'angelo - ate there for the first time recently, loved the burratta lasagna and gnocci. Really liked their zabagione as well. I was not too thrilled about their meat dishes btw, they were merely good.

    Cafe Motorano is more than moderately expensive but supposedly it is great as well.

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      1. RL: What place are you recommending in Sunny Isles? Is there a Casa Dangelo there too?

        I know La Terraza is ok for Italian in S.I., and there is a Little Italy over there on the causeway which is also ok...I can't really think of much else...Italian.

        As for Dania Beach, it's kind of a wasteland for dining. There's a decent British Pub on D.B. Blvd, but I really can't think of anything else worthy of mention. Maybe someone who lives in that neck of the woods can be of more help? I am at a loss! Tropical Acres ancient Steak House is in Dania Beach, no? I lose track of how far west Dania Beach goes...I know they annexed more land not long ago.

        Were I you, I'd go to Las Olas Blvd in Ft Lauderdale and try Noodles & Panini. Be sure to try their meatballs! It can't be more than ten minutes away.

        1. Ann>

          I suggest Taverna Opa Hollywood 410 N.Ocean Dr. 954.929.4010

          Grilled seafood, Greek style tapas and a Big Fat Greek Wedding atmosphere.


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            There is not much in Dania Beach. You can hit Tark's for very casual seafood. If you want to stay close to Dania you can had south to Downtown Hollywood or Hollywood Beach. Fulvio's (downtown) for Italian or Sugar Reef (on Broadwalk)
            Anthony's Runway 84 (Italian) is not too far. (Near the airport.)

          2. Short answer: if you want a fried seafood and steamer shack, Tark's. If you want old-fashioned American ice cream, Jaxson's. For a Quebecois hot-dog stand with poutine and soft-serve, Dairy Belle. For good, dependable crabs and broiled fish like they did it in 1956 (wooden mallets and butcher paper), the Rustic Inn. Skip Tropical Acres. It's a neat, well-preserved bit of the old Florida, but the food's not so good.

            For anything remotely contemporary, nicely presented or creative, drive north to Fort Lauderdale and Pompano or south to Hollywood, Aventura, Sunny Isles, etc. And search the archives accordingly.