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places to eat - watertown/newton line

my school is moving to a new location on california st. in newton, right on the watertown line where the stop & shop plaza is. my fellow students and i will definitely be looking for inexpensive chow that we can take out and/or sit and have a quick bite between classes. i know about russo's, and i think i heard about a chinese place near there too.

i'm looking forward to your responses and excited to explore new chow-worthy places. thanks everyone!

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  1. It's not in walking distance, but when I worked in Newton I used to LIVE for sandwiches from Marty's liquor store. You can get a small turkey wrap for under 4 bucks, so it was a pretty good deal, as well.

    1. I like the steak tips and mashed potatoes at West St. Grill up the street from you (in Newton). I'm pretty sure the seafood store (Steamers maybe?) has some daily specials for eat in or take out.

      1. Does Guiseppe's still exist on Watertown Street in the Nonantum neighborhood of Newton (also known as The Lake)? It is (was?) a tiny lunch-only storefront that sold Italian sandwiches at dirt-cheap prices. (When I was in high school in the early 1980s, it was $0.75 for a small and $1.25 for a large. Last time I was there, probably in the last five years or so, prices, although higher, were still incredibly reasonable.)

        Regardless of whether Guiseppe's is still there, I am sure there must be good, affordable lunch options in that neighborhood.

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          Guiseppe's is still there. I was hooked on their meatball subs for years. I don't think it's nearly as good as it was before the fire a few years ago, but I still got there whenever I'm in that part of town.

          It's still crazy cheap. I think a small sub is still under $3.00

        2. I was also going to suggest Guiseppe's,a cheap guilty pleasure. I usually get the meatball or sausage and pepper sub and it is still under $3.00. You might also try the fish at Steamers. Its a market but their fish and chips is inexpensive and not bad. Also, Antoines Bakery for the almond biscotti and lobster tails.

          1. Right behind the Stop -N- shop plaza, next to the McDonalds is a great Chinese place. I can never remember the name, but it is hands down my favorite Chinese in Newton. For Thai, you can hit Amarin up on the corner of Pearl and Galen Streets.

            1. The Chinese place is Chung Shin Yuan. They are good and also do a Taiwanese dim sum on weekends (there were posts about this on CH in the past few years).

              You can get very good tacos at Taqueria El Amigo, on River St, a little towards Waltham from Russo's.

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                DON'T go to Chung shin Yuan. Really boring chinese food done poorly.Here's some ideas not too far from you: D&A Pizza (pizzs is just ok but the subs are great). Johnnie's Pizza and the Brich Smokehouse used to have nice pizza and calzone and wings and salad. Vecchio Roma near by (good lunch stuff and later good dinner stuff). Those are all on Watertown st. Go near by to Watertown square to Demos, crazy fun place for Greek food and La Casa de Pedro (Venezuelan) is around the corner. There's a nice Italian restaurant, Fiorella's on North st. across from the cemetery,ok stuff, not great. That should get you started.

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                  What did you have at Chung Shin Yuan that was bad? I have not been in a long time but their weekend dimsum is done really well and there is a line out the door of others who think so. It is not the cantonese dimsum you get in chinatown, it is a Taiwanese brunch.

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                    Oriental Pearl , much lauded on CH has killer 'burban Dim Sum, thouf I understand their other offerings are mediocre.

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                      Yes but it is cantonese dimsum and nowhere near the newton/watertown line.

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                    You want to make sure you're eating there when the weekend people are cooking. This may not be an option on weekdays, I'm not sure.

                    On the weekend, go for Taiwan-style dim sum items like hot soy milk, glutinous rice-coated ribs, youtiao (fried dough), xiao bing (sesame bread), and a five-spice spicy beef noodle soup.

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                      I second La Casa de Pedro--very good.

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                        Casa de pedro is moving soon to the Arsenal which would be less convenient for the OP.

                  3. Lots of good places already, so I'll just add a couple. It's only about a 5 min drive to West Newton (assuming your driving) to grab BBQ at Blue Ribbon or Italian at Comella's. Comella's also opened a sandwitch shop around the corner I believe, but I have not tried it. Also, down the street to Galen in Watertown is New Ginza for sushi and Japanese food. I believe they do special boxes at lunchtime.