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Nov 16, 2006 05:47 PM

Cabot's 18 mo. sharp cheddar is back!!!

Just to spread the word: Trader Joes in St. Louis has the black-waxed special block back for the "holiday season".
I am in heaven, stocked up the extra fridge to carry me for a year.
Now, if only Cabot made a good parmesan!
The hecksher is tablet-K.

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    1. I am interested in GOOD KOSHER CHEESE,
      but live in Toronto.
      How do I contact this place in St. Louis?
      Im wondering if they will ship?

      1. You can order directly from Cabot at If you're interested in the OU-certified lot of sharp cheddar, I hear that's being released next week (and I'm waiting impatiently); otherwise, I believe all of their cheeses have a Tablet-K.

        1. Cabot has some very good aged product. The OU-certified run isn't aged as long as the Hunter's Seriously Sharp, but it's nice that there is now a choice for those that hold that a frum yidden must place the rennet (about a pinkie's worth in size) into the multi-thousand gallon batch of milk - all other ingredients and cookware otherwise the same as used for other production runs. Kol ha Kavod - enjoy the great cheese either way that suits you.

          1. The original comment has been removed