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Parents Meeting Parents - Where to Dine?

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My boyfriends' parents are coming into town as are mine...although this isn't their first time meeting, it IS their first time together at a sit-down dinner.

I'm looking for somewhere low-key with very yummy food (my dad's a food snob), a place that's not dead silent but not loud either. We tried to make a reservation at Po (Cornelia Street) but they're already booked on a Saturday night.

Any suggestions are greatly welcome!

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  1. Two of my favorites...Eleven Madison and Lavagna might work for you. Both have excellent food in very nice atmospheres. Eleven Madison is definitely pricey but worth every penny...satisfying for even the toughest food snob, I'd bet. Lavagna is more affordable but still really good.

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      I can't BELIEVE you said Lavagna! One of my favorite restaurants ever and that is exactly where I wanted to go...except we already took the boyfriend's parents there a few months ago. But you've got EXACTLY the right idea...we're looking for something very comparable. Thank you!!!

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        It's good to find a like-minded CH. If you like Lavagna, you might want to try Perbacco. Same neighborhood, one block down on 4th. The only issue with that spot is that it can be noisy. Oh, and they don't take credit cards. Still, the food is really good.

        You might also want to try some of the very fine Italian restaurants in the West Village. Osteria Del Sol is excellent and they'll take a reservation for 6...which by my math is at least what you are. It's a bit small and also noisy but DEEELICIOUS!

        Also, I recently dined at Maremma...Cesare Casella's new spot. That's a good choice. Nice atmosphere, not noisy really, great food, decent prices.

    2. I agree Lavagna would be a good choice. I love Eleven Madison but I think it's too upscale for an occasion where you want people who don't know eachother well to get comfortable.

      1. We did it at Telepan about 2 weeks ago.
        We had an excellent time and the place does meet your criteria.

        1. Apizz/Peasant/the Orchard
          Giorgio's of Gramercy
          Blaue Gans
          Snack Taverna

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            I dined at Peasant this past Saturday night, and the all aspects of the meal (food, service, and atmosphere) were great. was there with 2 visiting college friends, so we had lots of chatting to do. i've also been to apizz (with my husband), and we liked it very much.

          2. Blue Ribbon Bakery
            Otto (maybe too loud?)

            I loved the food at Telepan (especially the yellowtail tabouleh), but think the space might be too subdued for what you're looking for.

              1. Maremma is a great choice. Very quiet and good for talking, a fun menu, good food, and an un-cramped space.

                1. Blue Ribbon or Blur Ribbon Bakery will take reservations for parties of 6.

                  Gusto could also be a good choice.

                  1. Hi all - thank you SO MUCH for your help! We have reservations for 6 at APIZZ.


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                      Ack...I hate to be the voice of dissent after you book a rez, but we hated our experience at Apizz and have vowed never to go back.

                      I went there around 9 on a saturday night with my husband, in-laws, and younger sister-in-law. The family had just flown in to see us from the UK and so we were hoping for a warm, intimate dinner to catch up with family. The place is loud and very cramped. The service was horrible ---starting with getting shoved down to the 'bar' which is two tables in the basement with no bar in sight to wait for our table--then ordering a drink at said 'bar' which didnt arrive during the entire 30 min wait and was served at the table upstairs--to having 5 of us crammed into a table for 4 until I insisted we be moved (and to be moved, we had to sit at the cramped table for another 10 mins to wait for one to free up).

                      The food, I'll admit grudgingly was decent, esp the meatballs...but not nearly good enough to make us want to ever return. Not with so many other wonderful places to go.

                      If you keep the rez, I hope your dinner is better than ours was.

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                        There is now a bar area where people can wait. It's small but nice.

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                          That's where we waited -- there always has been. But unless it's changed, it was literally two or three tables, tiny, and further crowded by people waiting for the bathrooms. And there was no bar in sight...the drinks came from upstairs.

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                            No--there's now a bar on the same level as the eating area.