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Nov 16, 2006 05:33 PM

best prix-fixe deal in Chicago?

I have enjoyed Marche/Opera prix-fixe three-course deal couple of times. Now, I am looking for another deal for upcoming Saturday (I knew and will try Roy's, though). My wife particularly like this type of full-course dinner.

Here are my preferences:

1. We prefer to find a deal under $40 per person.
2. We can't exclude our two boys. So, the restaurant has to be, at least, kids-allowed.
3. Don't have any preference in cuisine type, but prefer american/continental/italian/pan-asian over others.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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  1. Le Lan (French/Vietnamese) on Tuesday. Your choice of app, entree and dessert from the regular menu for $38 (a value of up to $50+).

    1. The OP did request Saturday, so Le Lan on Tuesday may not help much...

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        Oops, I should learn how to read!

      2. How about Osteria Via Stato ($36 per person)? There are mixed reviews on this restaurant.

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          I really like Osterio Via Stato, although I prefer it in the summer when you can sit outside. Most of the food, especially on the prix fixe menu, is excellent. I've been there twice, and each time there have been one or two dishes I didn't like, but there were more than enough that I loved to compensate - especially the cheesy onion dish and the burnt caramel gelato (not part of the prix fixe, but so worth it).

          The restaurant is big and noisy, and the service I've had has been attentive, but very informal (joking with us about the Cubs game, etc.). I enjoy that, and it sounds like it would be good with your kids along.

          The best advice I can give is to pace yourself - there is an enormous amount of food and the first time I went, they had to wrap up my entire entree because I was full before it even arrived.

        2. Saturday prix-fixe?

          you can try the horrible pre-theatre prix-fixe at Signature Room. Then again, i'd rather much gag on a spoon myself than dine there.

          I believe Aria might have a Saturday pre-theatre prix-fixe as well. Skip all the Asian inspired crap if you do go tho