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Little Szechuan - closed for remodeling

Oh, woe! I brought a bunch of people to Little Szechuan for dinner last night, and the place was dark. Their sign says that they're closed temporarily for kitchen remodeling.

I wanted to let y'all know so that you don't waste a trip down there tonight. For the next little bit, call before you go.

And if anyone notices when Little Szechuan opens again, I'd love to hear about it. I'm going to try to block all thoughts of the place for now, so I don't go crazy craving their food.


P.S. Krua Thai, which is just 2 doors down, was also closed. Does anyone know the story here? Luckily, there are lots of dining options in the area, so we didn't go hungry (we went to Hoa Bien for some very nice soup).

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  1. So soon? I hope they open soon. We're attemping to only eat at new to us restaurants for November but as soon as December hits we're heading back to Little Szechuan!

    1. The Pioneer Press yesterday (or today?) mentioned that Mai Village is expanding--I don't know it that's connected or not.


      1. thanks for the heads up-- we were planning to go on Sat.-- will wait for reopening with great anticipation

        1. closed for kitchen remodeling? That's an ominous sign. Along with Nancy Ngo's article in the pioneer press I'm starting to get nervous.

          1. Thanks for thi Anne. I WAS planning to go tonight (Thursday) and next week etc. Why is it closed so very soon? Getting nervous also.


            1. They plan on reopening in "around two weeks".

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                Thank goodness! For all of us, of course, but AliceS especially, who was so traumatized by the loss of the former occupant, Bui. :)

                I really like those green beans at Little Szechuan, so, I really do hope they come back.

                Hopefully, whatever remodeling they are doing will help make the service more efficient.


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                  I wonder if there was some sort of kitchen or equipment mishap (like a small fire?) that required this unplanned closing. I hope that they're all OK and back in business soon!

                  In the meantime, I really need to trek up to the Tea House - I've never been there, despite all the positive reviews!

                  Kate, I'm impressed by your goal of eating at all new-to-you places for a month. I should follow your example and get out of my rut. So, what is / has been on your list for November?


              2. This is just not ok. Please post back the second anyone finds out what the deal is or when they reopen!

                1. Anne, So far it's been a great challege. We have gone to repeat restaurants with friends (for example my husband goes to Holy Land every Wednesday w/ coworkers and we might hit Town Talk for a happy hour tonight) but overall we've really reached out. We've now been to:

                  First Course
                  Little Szechuan
                  Spoon River (I'd been for lunch, husband hadn't)
                  Matt's (I'd never been!)
                  Sapor (I'd been for drinks, husband had never been)

                  We've brought friends for the first time to Bagu (we're so excited to have sushi in the neighborhood) and Hot Plate for brunch.

                  Tonight we're either going to Wasabi or Kilimanjaro Cafe in Cedar Riverside because I'm craving Ethiopian.

                  Other hopeful places include Mai Village and Cosmos for dinner (have only been for lunch).

                  I thought we were doing well w/ eating out before this but in retrospect we were in such a sushi/vietnamese rut and were hitting the same places over and over.

                  1. There is now an outgoing message on their machine saying the closing is TEMPORARY, and I have put the web address below which reportedly will post the reopening date. It will be like sleeping out for Stones tickets.


                    1. I went by there today. There is a sign on the front door about it being temporary for kitchen remodeling, and to check the website.

                      There's another sign on the kitchen door that says they are closed indefinately. Below that sign is a sign with St. Paul Police logos that says something to the effect of any unauthorized people on the property will be charged with trespassing. (I don't know if that is typical on business doors, or if the sign is evidence over a bigger dispute.)

                      The whole "Kitchen Remodeling" story doesn't make much sense to me. Why would you remodel a few weeks after opening? Wouldn't it make more sense to remodel before you open?

                      1. The website now says they're planning on re-opening December 15th. Perhaps we'll be able to dig up more information at this weekend's dim sum chowdown ( http://www.chowhound.com/topics/348223 )

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                          Did they re-open on Friday????

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                            I drove by at 5:30 on Saturday night (12/16), and the place was dark. The white sign was still on the door, but we didn't stop to see if it had been updated.

                            Their web site says they plan to reopen "around December 15th", so there has probably been a delay. I've got my fingers crossed for a reopening soon!



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                              As of 12/20 afternoon, still closed.

                        2. 'Thought about going for lunch today since I saw the lights were on last night.
                          Web site says "reopening Monday, Jan. 15". Better late than never!

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                            Oh, still my beating heart! I can barely wait.

                            And, because I love cross references, here's a link to the most recent thread on the re-opening: