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Nov 16, 2006 05:06 PM

2 Nights in Vegas--2 reasonable suggestions?

Hey there,

Will be staying two nights at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas in about two weeks, and be without a car. We are a party of three, looking for quality chowhound-worthy restaurants for dinner, that won't break our banks. Would love to find spots where our bill won't surpass $100-150 total. I know, crazy, right?

Night 1: Will be seeing a show at Venetian, so any quality recommendations near that area? Venetian, Wynn, Caesar's, etc.?

Night 2: Any quality recommendations near the southern end of the Strip, near our hotel? Mandalay Bay? MGM?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Looking for a great-but-reasonable food eating experience. I have some ideas, but I wanted to get everyone's input. Big thanks in advance!

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  1. Well, for your first night you might consider cafe ba ba reeba at the Fashion Show mall, just diagonal from the Venetian. I think it is fun, small plates and should be within the price range. You might also check whether Bouchon in the Venetian is doing a prix fixe three course before the show; they've done that in the past occasionally; we always go and end up ordering off the menu, but it is a good deal when offered and would be in the range. I think most of the restaurants at Wynn will be too expensive.
    At the south end of the strip, you might consider Burger Bar in the Mandalay Place shops; I think the burgers are really good and it's a fun place; it is very casual tho. The Border Grill is actually pretty tasty and is in Mandalay Bay. I'm not crazy about most of the restaurants in the MGM nor am I a big fan of rumjungle or red square in the Mandalay Bay. You might also consider a cab ride and trying Lotus of Siam, which is terrific and innovative Thai food and would be well within your price range.