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Nov 16, 2006 04:42 PM

Fatty, Salty, Starchy and Cheap

Hey guys,

Lately I've been stuffing myself with the fatty salty, starchy and expensive, I need some cheaper options that remain yummy but that don't hurt my bankbook so much. I'd like to keep "greasy" off of the list if possible. Any ideas? Cambridge and most of Boston is convenient for me, I'd prefer $15.00 for a main course or less.

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  1. Probably not very chowish, but the alimento grande dinner I had at the Freeport Tavern in Dorchester last night probably cut three years off my life, and all for $14.95.

    It had:

    garlic bread
    Italian sausage
    breaded chicken parm
    eggplant rollatini
    ziti in marinara sauce

    But if you're looking for something of slightly higher quality, perhaps the salisbury steak with mashed potatoes at the Centre Street Cafe in JP would do the trick. It's somewhere around $15.00, give or take a couple of bucks.

    BTW, I think alimento grande is Portuguese for "great food." Or maybe it means "big stomach." The way I feel today, it may be the latter. ;-/

    1. As a frame of reference, might you provide a few examples of your preferred "fatty salty, starch and expensive" experiences?

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        I like foie gras, pate, liver and offal of all sorts, expensive cheeses, steaks dripping in sauces and blue cheese, cream based soups and sauces, just about anything wrapped in bacon or, even better, fat salt pork.

        1. re: sailormouth

          The pate plate at Petit Robert is a pretty big size and is in the neighborhood of $7.

          1. re: sailormouth

            I like your style, sailormouth.

            I think you'd enjoy one of my Patriots' tailgates. But they're booked for a lifetime, basically.

        2. Northend-dwelling officemate came in at 11:30 on this rainy, dark day laden with warm squares of pizza, arancinis & panninis from Galleria Umberto - perfect for this type of weather.

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          1. re: Taralli

            Was just thinking Galleria Umberto. Specifically their panzarotti (essentially a fried potato croquette with a melted cheese center). They meet all of your criteria, especially cheap.

            At the opposite end of the swankiness spectrum, you could go to Toro and order patatas bravas and keep 'em coming. I also really liked the oil-cured tuna pintxos (sp?), although you'd have to get a lot more orders of those to fill up.

            The salt&pepper fried squid at Peach Farm seafood (or at Lucky House as gini mentioned below -- very similar prep) is fabulous.

            Also the chinese broccoli with fried pork at Dok Bua. I know, you're thinking "chinese broccoli? that's not on my list." but the fried pork most definitely is.

          2. This is a great topic!

            If memory serves, Vinny's at Night has a giant pasta puttanesca for under $15, big enough for a couple of meals.

            Lunch at the Midwest Grill might do the job, too: Brazilian churrasco rodizio with some visits to the buffet table for starch. It might $18 at lunch, though no less food than at dinner, which is to say a ridiculous amount.

            Yu-shiang pork at Mary Chung hits all those notes, and adds garlic and chili with a vengeance. Why not have some suan la chow sho for extra pork and wonton goodness?

            Korean barbecue at Koreana, though you'll have to spring for more like $20. A lot of food, though, with fine variety in the panchan. Beef short ribs are probably the least lean meat on the BBQ menu.

            Burger with bacon at R.F. O'Sullivan's, with those starchy wedge fries and/or onion rings.

            Cubano at lunch at the Plough and Stars.

            Pork and clams with those awesome fried potatoes at O Cantinho.

            Anchovy pizza, maybe add some pepperoni or sausage, at Pizzeria Regina in the North End.

            Kielbasa sub at Cafe Polonia at lunch; carb yourself some more with a couple of pierogi.

            Pupusas stuffed with chicharrones at Pupusa Guanaca in JP, plus a side of runny black beans and white rice. That's all of $6, maybe.

            Tacos de carnitas at La Mexicana in Union Square, Somerville, or El Rancho Grande in Eastie.

            The Bobby Orr (steak and cheese sub) with fries at The Fours near North Station.

            1. The squares at T. Anthony are great.