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Nov 16, 2006 04:18 PM

How do you like your Matzoh Brie/Fried Matzoh?

Ok, so I know it's an odd time of year, but I'm pregnant & was really in the mood. I have always made it using salt, but my husband requests sugar & cinnamon. Seems as though people are used to how they grow up with it. So, wondering what other options/recipes there are that people enjoy...

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  1. A friend served it to us with maple syrup and whipped cream cheese--it was an epiphany!

    1. In my family we sauteed onions in chicken fat and finished frying the matzo brie with the onions and in MORE chicken fat...S&P and thats it...heart attack on a plate...but soooo goood!
      Never EVER sweet.....but matzo meal pancakes which were puffed up little souffleed pancakes...these we sprinkled a layer of sugar on (these were fried in sweet butter) It's a wonder I'm still here!

      1. Maple syrup or strawberry jam. In our family it's always been served more like French toast than scrambled eggs. But now that I think of it, I should try the onion version. I always keep an old box of matzoh in the cupboard all year round because matzoh brei is the best breakfast in the world.

        1. It seems like it does break down into two style sweet and savory - my sister-in-law grew up with matzah brie made with fruit and sugar reducing the amount of matzah -

          My family did it savory - originally it like ChowFun_derek - but have cut out the scmaltz and replaced it with oil but still a ton of onions -

          and just a bit off topice - talking about this reminds me of eating the rendered chicken skins (gribbinis) used for making the chicken fat - talk about a heart attack waiting to happen -

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            Boy...! You just kicked my salivary glands into overdrive!!!!

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              Deep dark secret. I had to skin a bunch of chicken breasts recently and I made myself a batch of gribines (our family is Hungarian so it was called something unspellable: teperteu?). I meant to share them with my husband but accidentally ate them all myself. I am so ashamed.

          2. To the eggs we add salt and pepper and a dash of onion powder, along with a small amount of chopped fresh curly parsley. The moistened matzoh is combined with the egg mixture, and fried in small amount of butter, garnished with a bit of sour cream - comfort food! I think that's lunch for me today!