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Nov 16, 2006 03:42 PM

Good, Cheap Cognac?

I posted a similar thread about Port in the wine section, but I thought I'd ask what CH-ers enjoy in the Cognac category. I've been impressed with Hardy's Red Corner or Red Label, whatever it's called. Remy VS is ok too. Anyone recommend anything cheap and good? I love a nice snifter of Cognac this time of year!

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  1. I'm not sure what qualifies as "cheap." I tend to really like either Delamain Vesper or Hennessy XO, and I recognize that neither of those qualifies as "cheap" by anyone's standard (including mine), but I don't drink much of either and a bottle lasts a long, long time.

    While not super cheap either, the less-expensive cognac that I like is Hine Rare and Delicate, which at one time was available in the NH state stores for less than $40. I haven't bought any for a while, and it appears that Hine is now listing instead something called Rare VSOP, which I'm guessing is the same thing, or at least similar. Like everything imported from Europe in these days of the soaring Euro I assume it's crept up in price, unfortunately.

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      Cheap meaning... I'd say under $25 for a 750ml. Good & cheap means good value. I'm here in Atlanta, GA and we tend to have pretty good prices here. I've not done much price comparison in other cities, but I can get a bottle of Hardy Red corner for about $17-18.

    2. Well, as a lower cost cognac I like Remy VSOP, but one of my favorites and definitely not cheap A.E. Dor Reserves... if you have not tried any of the A.E. Dor you may want to try the A.E. Dor D (Cognac Selection) and then if you agree with me that it is a great cognac go to the reserves.

      1. My favorite values are anything from Jean Fillioux or Maison Surrenne. They have many offerings at all price points, all excellent quality and none of them doctored.

        1. Montfort VS isn't bad and can be found from $25-30 a bottle

          1. Does it have to be Cognac? How about some pot-distilled alambric California brandy, like Germain-Robin... great value and really good stuff. Their low end $35 fine brandy is better than most VSOP's.

            Not as cheap any longer, but from Spain you have Gran Duque d'Alba - now about $45.

            I dunno - under $25 for something decent sounds like you're going to have to lower your definition of decent... Unless you're chugging this stuff down by the gallon, I'd look for a little more quality for a little more price.