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Nov 16, 2006 03:39 PM

Fogo de Chao

Headed here on Saturday...any advice? I've spent some time in Brasil and love the little cheese breads, do they measure up here? Also, do they have farofa at the salad bar?

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  1. the salad bar has a great selection. I do like the little cheese breads, but can't compare them to anything. my advice is to read the menu & make sure you've tasted what you want as sometimes they might not bring something around- they will get anything you request. Some people tend to only go for what comes around.

    1. I think strategy is important at Fogo - you want to make sure you pace yourself so you have enough stomach capacity to enjoy everything. I love the little cheese breads, but have never been to Brasil, so can't really compare. I tend to go lite on the salad, usually just enjoying a small plate of tomato and mozzarella with some light olive oil, salt and pepper, so that I can save more room for the main event - the parade of meat. My personal favorites are the sirloin sliced thin (it has such a salty flavor to it - LOVE it), the filet mignon nedallions, and the bacon wrapped chicken breast. My husband also loves the ribs. I suggest trying a little bit of every meat your first time around and then in subsequent visits, only partaking of those you know you like. That's what we do now - I don't care for their pork - so it never gets any of my stomach space!

      1. Yes, pace is important, even beyond the salad bar, to avoid loss of value due to premature bloat. Don't hestitate to turn the disk to the red side early in the proceedings -- the bearers of meat will be back.

        1. No farofa. (I don't mind because I don't like it, but my husband missed it.)

          1. Advice from my boyfriend---don't plan anything major for the rest of the day/night after eating. He said he was in a steak/protein/food coma afterwards and wanted to do nothing but sit on the couch and stare at the wall. :)

            Apparently the food is good but very overwhelming at times.