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Nov 16, 2006 03:26 PM

Where is REAL NY pizza in Florida ?

Been here in Orlando 10 years and all I see is boring "Florida Style" pizza - the dough is nondescript, the tomaoto sauce is a runny afterthought and the mozarella is shredded to cover every last centemeter of crust.

This to me is "kids" pizza - driven by the popularity of fast food pizza chains. Probably most Italian operators cringe at making this kind of pie , but they know Junior want "Cheese,heavenly cheese!!!"

Enough, I say.

Where is the pie that has a crust so good you can't wait to get to the edges ?

Who uses cubed high quality mozarella so it melts just right leaving pools of real tomatoe sause ?.
I would not be the end of the world if a bite of pizza was just a rich sause and a crispy crust! Bring on the EVO !

You guys know what I'm talking about - 10 YEARS and only mediocraty.


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  1. I like Brooklyn Pizza in Winter Park or off of Pershing and Semoran. Also the NYPD downtown does a pretty good job. Good luck!

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    1. re: Ruthie44

      NYPD is definitly decent among a sea of mediocraty.
      I'll order a slice and a side of meatballs just to get some sauce on my pizza. Anybody else do that?

      1. re: mcanni

        I always order my pizza with a little extra sauce on it:)

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          Funny I just order my pizza with extra sauce!

      2. Cappy's in Tampa on Bay to Bay Blvd does a pretty good job.

        1. I live in Melbourne - I feel your pizza pain! We would love some suggestions for this area if anybody's got one!!

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            From an ex-NYer...Best we've found in Melbourne so far is the Bizarro on AI & 5th (RT. 192) in Indiatlantic.

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              Up date on that previous post...best NYC type pizza in the Melbourne area is at Brooklyn Pasta & Pizza in Viera.


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                Went to Brooklyn Pasta and Pizza tonight on the recommendations on this board having never ventured past Bizzaros. Amazing pie. I will not settle again. PS Service and house wine was great too!

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                  Glad you enjoyed it! It is nice to have this place here.

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                    The link above on Brooklyn Pizza no longer works...they are in the shopping center at the NW corner of Murrell & Viera.

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