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Nov 16, 2006 03:21 PM

Ba-Tempte Mustard where to get it in Maryland

I used to buy Ba-Tempte mustard at my local Giant, but they stopped carrying it several months ago, saying that they could no longer get it. Does anyone know where in the Rockville/Silver Spring area that it is available? My wife loves it and I would get lots of husband points if I could find it again.

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  1. Try calling the Rodman's in Chevy Chase. I recall seeing it there a while back. Have you tried any other Giants?

    1. You can get Ba-tampte mustard at Shalom Supermarket in Wheaton. They are in a strip mall on the north side of University Blvd a block and a half east of Georgia Avenue. They also have great fresh pack Ba-tampte pickles and saurkraut(splg?)in jars in the cooler near the deli counter.

      1. Did you try Katz's market on Boilingbrook.

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          Sadly, Katz's is no more. It has been replaced by KosherMart. While it is still a Kosher supermarket, it is not what it was.

          1. re: pgreen

            I TOTALLY agree, a mere shadow, especially the bakery. But they likely will ahve Ba-tampte mustard.

        2. Shoppers Food Warehouse on Nicholson La. Look in either the deli section or the kosher aisle. FYI, Saval Foods mustard is a Batampte clone.

          1. I'm pretty sure Sniders Supermarket has it. Of course, if they truly have stopped making it, then I suppose nobody has it except old stock. In which case buy two or three if you can find them.