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Nov 16, 2006 02:51 PM

Burritos! New York Sub vs. Burrito Boyz...

... two very different styles
... two very different burritos

Which one do you prefer? I like New York Sub... the grilled lamb... yum!

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  1. New York Sub has WAY WAY better vegetarian burritos....Burrito Boyz were tasteless even with all the toppings.

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    1. re: zoohort2

      Even though I love my halibut burrito, I am finding their burritos a little bland of late (I went there a lot after they opened then I left Toronto for a while). I feel as though there is spice or two that is missing, could it be cilantro?

      I have had bites out of my girlfriends chicken burrito sans hot sauce and I have found it rather boring, but their Halibut with hot sauce makes Burrito Boyz one of my fave fast food spots.

      Great post bar/hangover hangover food!! I guess I have no good excuse for not having yet tried New York Subs

      1. re: jonnybee

        Agree about Burrito Boyz. It's good value but a bit dull. I've never understood all the rave reviews.

        1. re: wordsworth

          It's because we have so little choice. So it seems great.

    2. I agree! New York Sub is amazing! They made the best potato burritos I've ever had and I'm still craving them to this day.

      I've never found them in New York, however...

      1. Finally, some New York Sub praise.

        I was there the other day for my staple - the potato burrito. Makes me happier than anything I've gotten at Burrito Boyz.

        They are indeed different styles of burritos, but my vote goes for New York Sub without hesitation.

        1. contrary to popular belief, New York Sub does not serve "burritos." They may call them that, but they're nothing of the sort, they're not "subs" either. They probably have more in common with indian roti than burritos. That being said, they are very good.. I'm not really sure you can compare it to Burrito Boyz though, since they make actual burritos.

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          1. re: emenel

            I have to say they are not even close to a roti! They are much more like a burrito than they are like anything else in my vocabulary.

            1. re: deelicious

              Five people in my family had NYSubway for dinner last night, all for the first time. General consensus was that the 'wrap' was quite good. Two of us had chicken burrito with mushrooms and onions. Three has potato burritos. It's definitely a combo of burrito and roti and sub. So, it's a burrotub, or a surotito. In any case it's good. Not nearly as flavourful as a Ghandi roti, just down the street, but good. The potato burrito was on a large tortilla filled with shaved lettuce and tomatoes (sub style) and a huge whack of precooked, then grilled, lightly seasoned potatoes. Top that with a slice of sub-cheese which melts from the hot potato mixture. The whole thing is then wrapped in the tortilla and grilled on two sides before being wrapped in paper and bagged.

              1. re: Yongeman

                I've never had the potato come with cheese on it before. Is that any good?

                1. re: NovoCuisine

                  Actually, it was quite good, especially as the cheese melted from the hot potatoes and from the grilling after it was filled.

              2. re: deelicious

                i'd say it's more like a wrap than anything else... the flavours and ingredients aren't even remotely mexican, so the only thing they have in common with an actual burrito is the shape and casing.

            2. Can anyone point me to NYSub's website, or where they're located?

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