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Nov 16, 2006 02:41 PM

Help Me Break Out of My Breakfast Rut!

I'm one of those CHs who thinks constantly about what I'll be eating the next day. Lately, however, bfast has been a real challenge. I am tired of the usual egg/bacon/bfast burrito/pizza/pb & j sandwich type of thing. Since I usually make my own bfast, can anyone suggest something different to make? Something that won't consume too much cooking time? I know I reached the bottom when this morning, I had...nothing (except for coffee)! Thanks.

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  1. Including both the healthy & the oh-so-unhealthy:
    --Yogurt, toasted walnuts & homemade granola w/maple syrup
    --Homemade biscuits & your favorite preserves (bake a whole batch of biscuits when you have time & reheat on subsequent days)
    --fruit salad (cut up the night before if you're pressed for time)
    --cheese grits

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      Cheese grits are great. Cheese grits with jalapenos are greater still and deserve pork chops and soft-scrambled eggs on the side. You can make everything except the eggs the night before, the only problem being that the pork chops and grits wouldn't make it to the next morning in my house.

    2. Scramble up Garden Vegetable egg beaters with a bit of hot sauce, salt, and pepper. Satisfying and fast.

      1. couscous with raisins or dried apricots, nuts, and honey or maple syrup, with a spoonful or two of yogurt on top. Takes about 6 minutes. Put the nuts and raisins into the water for hydrating the couscous. You can also use milk in place of some of the water. Add cinnamon, nutmeg, anything else.

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          Wow, this sounds incredible, and I like couscous!

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            My brother introduced me to it. It is very satisfying in cold weather and pretty filling, and you can play around with flavoring based upon what you like. My favorite at the moment is raisins, almonds, pinenuts, honey, with 1/3 of the water replaced with milk.

        2. How about steel cut oats made with milk? They do take a little bit of time, but if you wanted you could make 'em the night before and just reheat. Top with fruit (I like banana), nuts, granola, etc.

          It's quite hearty, too.

          1. Greek yogurt (or do as I do and strain regular low-fat plain yogurt in the fridge, then pack it back into the container so it's thick and creamy) Add any fruit and or nuts you have around and sprinkle with brown sugar. The brown sugar really makes it and you don't need much.

            Or dish up some of the yogurt and add applesauce, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Really delicious and so quick.