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Nov 16, 2006 02:27 PM

This Just In

For any of you that care, it was just announced that Eatzi's is closing the doors this afternoon. I certainly hope that no one had ordered Thanksgiving sides or anything from any of their stores. Apparently all employees have been given 24 hours notice. That really sucks just coming into the holiday season.


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    1. It is true. I was there last night and was told they had gone into some form of bankruptcy. Their other stores in Atlanta, Houston and Dallas were also closed. The fellow I spoke with said they were closing as of yesterday. No notice to their employees - nice!

      I will miss them.

      1. I liked that place :( Poor employees too... what a way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

        1. Can anyone can tell me why they shouldn't be in bankruptcy? That place was the answer to no one's question. The prepared food was ridiculously expensive and the waste was awful. The grocery goods were so limited, it served no purpose. The wine and bread were a fraction of a dedicated wine or bread store. And the staff was the worst in town. I'm no fan of Whole Foods or Sutton Place, but both of those had it all over Eatzis.

          Being very near the Rockville location, we tried it again and again without any success. Except for 2 things. The cornbread, when they had it (which you could never count on which made things maddening for menu planning) was moist, full of corn, and delicious. The Italian Sandwich with Everything on a Ciabatta (sp?) was $7.95, was the best in the city, and could feed a family of four (not that I ever shared it).

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            I agree with the dim assessment. Going to Eatzi's always felt to me like grabbing leftovers from someone else's fridge . . . and that someone was not a very good cook.