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Nov 16, 2006 02:17 PM

Great breakfast "dives"?

Now that the weather is getting colder, my attention turns to seeking out those out of the way breakfast joints that offer traditional fare that is filling and tasty. Brookline Lunch, in Cambridge, comes to mind. Any other ideas out there?

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  1. I always stand by the Capitol Diner in Central Sq, Lynn. Great food in a classic diner. Also the diner in Revere off of 1A at the entrance to Target. Charlie's Sandwich Shop on Columbus Ave, Boston is an institution. Enjoy!

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    1. re: chuck s

      If you mean Three Yolks in Revere, it closed last month.

      1. re: Karl S

        I'm saddened to hear that Three Yolks closed.

        1. re: Karl S

          No I don't mean Three Yolks. This is a diner on the road which leads into Target. It used to be the Suffolk Diner, now it's something like Janquels (spelling).

        2. re: chuck s

          Charlie's is an awesome institution, at that. Great (and famous) turkey hash, great (and huge) pancakes .

        3. I love those cheap, friendly little breakfast spots this time of year, too. Some of my favs are:

          Brookline Lunch, Cambridge
          Ashley's, South Braintree
          Olympic Diner, South Braintree
          Mannion's, Quincy
          Victoria's, Roxbury/Dorchester line

          1. Andy's on Mass Ave, a couple of blocks outside Porter Square, might be what you're looking for. I like it but the reaction from Chowhounds seems to suggest that it's a "dive." It's not a diner but it is a popular classic breakfast spot.

            1. West of the city, I've had very good experiences at Harry's on Rt 9 in Westboro. It is by no means transcendent enough to justify a trip in and of itself, but if you're in the area...

              1. Kelly's diner in Somerville. I had a very satisfying giant breakfast there last weekend.