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Nov 16, 2006 01:45 PM

Ici--recent chowhound feedback, please

Am interested in others' recent experiences at Ft. Greene's Ici (or iCi, as they seem to call it). Many earlier chowhound postings were decidedly negative.

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  1. We had a fine dinner at ICI a couple of weeks ago. Its very french but with a consciously market driven menu, purchases from local purveyors (for example that farm in RedHook) and a cheese plate featuring artisanal AMERICAN cheeses, very good.

    They do really nice things with vegetables -the collard side was excellent - as were the sauteed parsnips and other veg accomanying my main course scallops. Only quibble I had was excessive dijon sharpnes in my confit salad IMO wiped out the flavor of the confit, but Im not a dijon fan. Generous servings. Desserts are simple and homey. Welcome is warm, room is pleasant. Small well selected wine list.

    1. We really like iCi. It's certainly our favorite restaurant in Ft. Greene. I don't recall that many negative reports on this board recently either.

      1. "Many earlier chowhound postings were decidedly negative."

        Actually, only 2 were negative and they were written in March.

        The overwhelming number of posts about Ici over the past year were very positive.

        The food at Ici is pretty good and the atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant.

        1. We just wrote about iCi a few days ago on our site. The short version: we loved it. I've read the archive of posts about it and didn't even find them mostly negative-- just the opposite, in fact.

          One thing we didn't write about is the wine selection-- great, very young Loire valley wines by the glass that are worth a taste.



          1. Well, here's another longtime CH regular that agrees the place is very good. There are several restaurants in Brooklyn that I think are better but iCi is one of those "cant miss" places when you want well prepared, high-end ingredient, interesting food in a comfortable environment for a very fair price.