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Nov 16, 2006 01:18 PM

Best Trader Joe's cookies?

My boyfriend and I are addicted to TJ's Triple Ginger Cookies!

Are there other ones I should be trying as well? I've had the brownie mini-bites which are good but the small chocolate chip ones are on the dry side. And the biscotti is just eh. I need recommendations!

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  1. I really like the chocolate chip dunkers, with and without the chocolate coated side. They've got coconut in them which makes them crunchy and fairly addictive. Since they're big (long really), I try to break off a piece and just eat that, but I always go back and finish it off!

    1. Swiss Almond Crunch Cookies--really yummy. When I include them on a cookie tray, they're always the first to go, and usually someone asks me for the recipe. Embarrassing.

      1. Chocolate chunk cookies (comes in a bag in the bread section).

        Soft fruit biscotti (same area).

        Vanilla bean creme/chocolate Joe-Joe's.

        1. There are some new, seasonal Joe-Joe's with peppermint chunks in the filling. I just got some last night, and they are excellent. I do miss the ginger Joe-Joe's, though, which have been discontinued.

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            yes! they taste like thin mints, but better, and with no trans fats or corn syrup!

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              Ooh, I'm madly in love with these. My family's signature "flavor", if there can be such a thing, is chocolate-mint, so these are like heaven. They're really mint-y, which is unusual to find.

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                Then you might like TJ's seasonal peppermint chocolate bar! It's quite a thick slab.

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                Mmmmm another Joe-Joe's with candy cane lover here... they smell wonderful and taste even better!

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                  Ooooh those are SO delicious. Using crushed candy canes to flavor the cream was a stroke of genius! They add a wonderfully crunchy texture, which really stands out when you dunk the cookies in milk. And I feel like the flavor is MUCH better than it would have been had they simply added peppermint extract to the cream. Go Joe's!

                2. I vote for Caramel Cashew cookies.

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                    Second that one. Doesn't look like much, but nobody I offered it to can resist taking seconds and thirds.