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Pho 78 - Miami

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Saw the article in today's Miami Herald re: Pho 78. Anybody been? Pho is one of my comfort foods and it would be nice if Miami had a viable option. Asian in Miami is typically very poor, so I was hoping to get some feedback before I make the trek. Thanks.

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  1. I also love pho. Where is Pho 78? You can get wonderful and authentic pho at Green Papaya at 16893

    1. Sorry for that incomplete post. Green Papaya is at 16893 NW 67TH Ave. just north of the Palmetto 67th Ave. exit.

      1. Pho choices in Miami are really bad. Miss Saigon's and Little Saigon's in the Gables have almost tasteless versions. The one I make at home with the pho broth paste tastes better. I usually have to trek to Pompano to get anything decent. I've heard of a place down south near Pinecrest, but I cant' vouch for it.

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          No paste!

          1 large can beef broth
          3 cubes beef broth
          Fill the rest of the pot with water.
          Use about 6 cinnamon sticks
          8 star anise
          1 piece peeled ginger
          about 1/2 cup fish sauce
          1 onion
          1/2 cup sugar
          either beef bones or fat from the steak you plan to use.
          Bring to a boil and then simmer for 3 hours.

          Use extra

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              Pretty large. I'd say it makes a little less than a gallon of broth. I don't know what size that is.

        2. LaX>

          You've got me googling ... I am the reason pho is pronounced "duh."

          Found this:


          Will be mastering pho this weekend. Got any pointers for a pho cook dimmer than sum?

          I followed the articles in the Miami New Times that detailed the various asian markets on 167th Street and also hit the one on the 79th St Causeway last Saturday - a delicious day!


          Guess it's time to teach myself the finer points of Woking on the Wild Side.

          Sorry... couldn't resist.

          Help a fellow belly out?


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          1. 79th Street Causeway must be a reference to Sushi Deli, which is almost right across from the Channel 7 station. Small little Japanese market with a sushi bar where Chef Kushi cranks out some nice rolls and nigiri. I especially like the Captain Tuna Roll (a minced spicy tuna maki) and the Ceviche Roll. Also a good place to get frozen sushi grade tuna and salmon (which I use to make tartares).

            1. HI,
              I just read the article you are referring to online at Miami Herald, the restaurant is actually in Pembroke Pines, not Miami. I was thinking there was another one in Miami by your post title.

              Anyway, we went there last night, we were 1 of only 2 tables of Non Asians. There were pretty busy, doing a lot of takeout orders. We had the chicken pho and the shrimp pho. The small size is huge, I could not eat it all. The flavor was light and perfect. They bring you a huge platter of bean sprouts, sliced raw jalepenos, basil and another herb we could not recognize.

              The fried egg rolls had a weird texture, like mealy inside. Would not recommend those. Tried the tri colored bean dessert just to be daring. Ummm, we could not stomach it! But will return for the Pho, it's great! They do have 4-5 "rice dishes" that appear, from the photo, to be like a stirfry.
              We had a young Viet. waiter that spoke perfect English and was very helpful when we told him it was our first time there. The other server appeared to be the owner, older gentleman.

              It's next to Outback Steakhouse near the corner of Pines and University.

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                Yeah, their pho's all right. Not the best in Broward, but fine if you're in the area. Other than fruit shakes, I haven't liked anything else on the menu. It's all about the pho there.

              2. You can get real pho on Colonial Drive SW 160th Street in Perrine!

                1. On Sunday January 18, 2009 I went to Pho 78 and I had a typical lunch for me. I ordered hot tea, Shrimp & Pork Summer Rolls & Vermicelli bowl of Grilled Pork strips and Shrimp. The price of $10.75 seemed steep but I thought that it might be worth it. The tea was very good, the rolls were really so-so and for $5.25 there was zero value in the texture and flavor. The first thing I noticed about the Vermicelli was that the ingredients did not quite make it to the top of the bowl. I flavored the fish sauce and poured it on. The next thing I noticed was that the pork was quite flavorful and tender. Nice. Then I dug down and found that there were less noodles than I am used to. Also they were undercooked and cold. I’ve never had cold noodles from other Pho restaurants before. Then I got the bill: $18.02! What? I took a “to go” menu with me and sat in my car and looked at the bill. $10.75 for the Vermicelli, $5.25 for the rolls and $1.00 for the tea. So I have to say that the value for the money was non-existent. If the food was actually really good I wouldn’t complain about the price. Coming from Washington DC and having some very diverse and wonderful cultures, I may have expected too much to be so disappointed. Try Pho Binh on 4461 SR-7 in Lauderdale Lakes. Much much better and I got the same lunch today for $10 vs. 18!

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                    Pho Binh is good, but they always seem to out of chili oil...Pho Hoa just north of commercial on 441 is better (I think) and its a (gasp) chain! Their broth is "richer" than Pho Binh and Pho 78, which is where I go when in the South Broward area. As for the rest of the menu items, I cannot say as I usually just go for the pho, but I do agree about the rolls at Pho 78.

                  2. Indochine in downtown makes a pretty good Pho.

                    Indochine Bistro
                    638 South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33130