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Nov 16, 2006 10:45 AM

Who loves MosBurger?

I have lived in Tokyo these last six years, and I have to say, I just love MosBurger.
We used to live in Singapore, and learned to love it there, where it is much more accesible to english speakers/readers.
After moving to Japan, we couldn't read the menu, but were able to front up and ask for a yakiniku rice burger (which hasn't been available for the last 3 or 4 years, since US beef was banned here. Not sure if its back yet).
Even the fries at Mos are divine, but served in a characteristically teeny tiny Japanese sized portion (I'm talking maybe a dozen fries in the small size).
The rice burgers have rice instead of bread (a bit like two flat onigiri with stuff in the middle.)
The Mos burger has a really yummy suace on it thats tasty and drippy. I would be really grateful if someone could identify it for me.
Other chowhounds, what is your favourite mosburger thing?

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  1. I like MOS Burger, but I don't think I've ever had a hamburger there. My favorite item was a winter special from a few years ago, a chicken curry focaccia sandwich (chicken katsu topped with curry sauce wrapped taco-style in an oblong piece of focaccia). My usual is the fish burger set with fries (yes, theirs are very good) and a Fanta melon soda, but the shrimp burger is gaining ground. I also like the kinpira rice burger.

    They used to have MOS in Hawaii, but I think they're all closed now.

    1. I love Mos Burger. I used to order 3 of their burgers at a time. Only fast food place that was any good in Fujiidera.

      1. If all the MOS Burgers in the world fell off the planet, I wouldn't be affected foodwise. But they put fresh flowers in the clean bathrooms, which makes it a pleasent option on the backend of a meal from a real restaurant.

        1. Bring back that hot chicken burger -- that's all I ask. Otherwise I'm going with the spciy MOS cheeseburger

          1. every time i go to japan i make sure to take a break from my ramen eats and scarf down a mos burger or two. usually the mos cheeseburger, but i remember once they had a limited edition mos teriyaki ham patty or something that was truly wonderful. my god i wish they'd bring that to the U.S. ...