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Who loves MosBurger?

I have lived in Tokyo these last six years, and I have to say, I just love MosBurger.
We used to live in Singapore, and learned to love it there, where it is much more accesible to english speakers/readers.
After moving to Japan, we couldn't read the menu, but were able to front up and ask for a yakiniku rice burger (which hasn't been available for the last 3 or 4 years, since US beef was banned here. Not sure if its back yet).
Even the fries at Mos are divine, but served in a characteristically teeny tiny Japanese sized portion (I'm talking maybe a dozen fries in the small size).
The rice burgers have rice instead of bread (a bit like two flat onigiri with stuff in the middle.)
The Mos burger has a really yummy suace on it thats tasty and drippy. I would be really grateful if someone could identify it for me.
Other chowhounds, what is your favourite mosburger thing?

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  1. I like MOS Burger, but I don't think I've ever had a hamburger there. My favorite item was a winter special from a few years ago, a chicken curry focaccia sandwich (chicken katsu topped with curry sauce wrapped taco-style in an oblong piece of focaccia). My usual is the fish burger set with fries (yes, theirs are very good) and a Fanta melon soda, but the shrimp burger is gaining ground. I also like the kinpira rice burger.

    They used to have MOS in Hawaii, but I think they're all closed now.

    1. I love Mos Burger. I used to order 3 of their burgers at a time. Only fast food place that was any good in Fujiidera.

      1. If all the MOS Burgers in the world fell off the planet, I wouldn't be affected foodwise. But they put fresh flowers in the clean bathrooms, which makes it a pleasent option on the backend of a meal from a real restaurant.

        1. Bring back that hot chicken burger -- that's all I ask. Otherwise I'm going with the spciy MOS cheeseburger

          1. every time i go to japan i make sure to take a break from my ramen eats and scarf down a mos burger or two. usually the mos cheeseburger, but i remember once they had a limited edition mos teriyaki ham patty or something that was truly wonderful. my god i wish they'd bring that to the U.S. ...


            1. I generally never eat fast food hamburgers, but I really like Mos Burger's Avocado Wasabi burger. They bring out a little paper place mat and some other fancy things because it's a specialty burger. Cracks me up every time.

              1. I lived in Kokura, Kitakyushu from 1991-1993. There was a Mos Burger across the street from me that I frequented. Since being vegan in the past, I stuck to the "sukiyaki burger" - two rice cakes that sandwiched stirfried veges. YUMO! Do they still have such a "burger"? :) KQ

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                  Yep! Mos Burger is one of the easiest/fastest options for mixed company vegetarian and carnivore outings.

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                    Thanx Kep! Have a burger on me...And, enjoy Japan. I loved my experience there!

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                      Oops, I went for the wrong one. This is their veggie one.

                      I had this one and even asked, niku ga haerimasuka? But I suppose shrimp doesn't count as meat to some people.

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                        Yep, , niku in Japanese doesnt include fish. Menus will separate into niku and sakana (much like English menus come to think of it) dishes. It would be better to say something like "bejiterian desuga, niku ya sakana nado haitteimasuka?"

                  2. I still can't decide if I like Freshness or Mos better... It's always a toss-up although I do kinda like the spicy mos-cheese and the rice burgers are tasty too.

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                      I like Mosburger a lot ... for lunch i can kill 2 spicy cheeseburgers and I like the small fries proportion. The fish burgers remind me of the Gorton's Fisherman brand in the states, and the fish burger isn't dry as a bone a la McDonalds Filet-o-Fish. I haven't tried the shrimp cutlet burger that looks tasty. maybe tomorrow. Is the Mosburger in Singapore the same taste / quality as the one in Japan? I'm heading to Japan on saturday for a week but i'd rather eat at other places.... Speaking of fast food, i like the KFC in Japan a lot. They have that seaweed batter thing? it's quite lovely.