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Nov 16, 2006 08:24 AM

green mango dilemma

I'm so confused. I've just spent an hour looking stuff up online, and I'm more confused than ever. I have a recipie from and Indian cookbook that is a shrimp dish made with lots of onions and green mango. The mango is cooked with the onions. What I can't seem to determine is if green mangos are just regular mangos that are not yet ripe, OR is it a different kind of mango altogether? I bought 2 green mangos at 99 Ranch market, and they are from Equidor. I just don't know if these will ripen and turn yellow like other mangos, or are the a different breed? IF these aren't the right thing, does anyone know of a Thai or Indian market in LA (hopefully around Hollywood/Loz Feliz) where I could buy the right kind of green mangos?

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  1. Green mangos are unripe regular mangos... HOWEVER, mangos from India are a different variety than mangos from Thailad.

    You may probably substitute one green mango for another, but not a ripe one for a green one. The green ones have a unique bite of flavor and are tough enough to withstand cooking.

    Sorry, the only Indian and Thai marktes I know of are south of the 10 freeway.

    Hope this helped.

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    1. re: Vickie McCorkendale

      "Green mangos are unripe regular mangos"

      Actually, this is not quite right. As the wikipedia article correctly states:

      "The ripe fruit is variably coloured yellow, orange and red, reddest on the side facing the sun and yellow where shaded; green usually indicates that the fruit is not yet ripe, but this depends on the cultivar."

      In fact, my first contact with mango was in Caracas (Venezuela), where mango trees are a common sight all around town. Those mangos were always green, very fibrous, and people used them to prepare a delicious marmelade that you can only do with the green variety.

      1. re: Vickie McCorkendale

        I don't know if they sell whole green mangoes, but Bhan Khanom Thai in Hollywood often has a packaged, sliced green mango with a dipping sauce that is crazy good - and a very Thai mix of sour, sweet, spicy and salty. Since they sell that snack, they should at least know where to get the green mango whole - maybe at Silom or Bangluck markets?

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          I believe "green mango" simply refers to a hard, unripe mango (green = unripe, not a ref to the surface color). Green mangos can be hard to find outside of asian stores, unless you have a tree!

      2. unripe mango - green mango - is called 'kairi' (rhyme it with 'very'}. delish pickled. or mix salt and red chili powder as you would salt and pepper and dab it on kairi. spectacular.

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          1. There are many Indian recipes from my native state of Bengal that use green mangoes (unripe in this context). It provides the acidity and a flavor note that is not present in ripe mangoes. If the green mango is very raw, the flesh will be tough - you probably need to cook it with a little salt and sugar to help draw out the moisture and soften it. In the recipes that use it most frequently (lentil soup - daal; chutney; and fish) the mango almost becomes soft pulp and lends flavor, aciditiy, and texture to the sauce or the base.

            The varieties of mangoes (Langra, Dussehri, Chausa, Fajli, Alphonso) in India are quite different from the Mexican ones we get here in LA, but the green unripe mangoes will be perfect for the recipe you have.

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            1. re: suvro

              Thank you, thank just so happens that the dish I'm making is a fish based one from Bengal, so your advice is right on the mark! If it's a success, I'll post it:-)

            2. There are many types of mangos. Here in Colombia and when I lived in the Philippines, we used "Indian mangos" for green mangos.

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              1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                i guess i am too late for this reply but still if it helps

                in the indian store, you shd be able to get green mangoes cut which are in cans in salt water (as preservative). this is usally for pickles but it will help but before use , wash them thouroughly with water to put away the salt ..