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Nov 16, 2006 06:32 AM

Bong Su - SF

Gotta report that today for a friends birthday lunch we had a really terrific lunch. i was at Bong Su three months ago, and it was just OK, but today was an absolute knockout. all the dishes we shared - about 8 for 6 people - were terrific. the black cod, as others note, was outstanding. but every single item - squid, "pancakes," crab noodles, and other i can't recall - were really top notch. the place was more empty than not, so i really hope folks try it out before it disappears ... also, you MUST have their "buffalo grass" vodka martini. the best vodka i ever had ( so ... i got a bottle right now in my fridge).

let me know what you think ... and see my Maui post in the "Elsewhere" zone if this was helpful ...

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  1. I went last night and also thought the food was very good (shy of great but very good). While the service was totally indifferent, I would go back to sit at the pretty (and empty, but it was a Sunday...still don't get the vibe this place is doing great business) bar and eat shrimp cupcakes, salt and pepper calamari and miso cod. Nothing super inventive but way solid presentation. I love the dried beef on top of the otherwise ordinary papaya salad. The giant prawns are incredible to look at, ok to taste.

    1. Good to hear. I was there in the fall and thought some dishes were a bit oily. It also didn't compare well with a meal I had a few nights before at Poleng Lounge where the black cod was much better and the meal itself was tastier and cheaper. But, I'll give it another try in the future. I remember really liking the duck wraps.

      1. In addition to great food, Bong Su has absolutely stunning decor, much more so than Slanted Doors (hey can't count the view) and Tamarine.


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          I've enjoyed Slanted Door (when there were at the edge of Embarcadero i think) and Tamarine. Will have to go to Bong Su. Always pass it when we're downtown.