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Nov 16, 2006 06:28 AM

Exceptional Dark Chocolate Turtles???

I've been googling these and had little luck for a very high quality dark chocolate product.(i've checked into all the choc co's mentioned in the 'mail-order chocolates' thread.) anyone out there have any recommendations?
has anyone tried Paris Flyer Chocolates? they make a pecan caramel dk choc bar but i don't know them. I am, unfortunately , a very picky choc. eater.

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  1. have you tried this place (i don't recall if was part of the previous thread)?

    their truffles are outstanding. haven't tried many of their other confections, but if they're anything like the truffles...

    the website doesn't list all their product, so a phone call might help if you don't immediately find what you want.

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    1. re: mark

      Based on your suggestion, Mark, I visited the chocolatefetish website and ordered their dark chocolate "frogs", which sounded close to a turtle, with dark chocolate, pecans, and caramel. I personally can not vouch for them, as surgery to my throat keeps me from eating almost all solid foods, but my other half, for whom I got them, finds them disappointing, sad to say. The best we've had (when I could enjoy them) were from Joseph Schmidt in San Francisco, which sadly has disappeared thanks to Hersheys, but even those from Sunnyland Farms (which is a nut farm, not a chocolate source per se) were rated much, much higher by my otehr half.

    2. I have a Canadian friend who, when I'm very lucky, brings me Sweet Georgia Browns. Heaven. The right proportion of salty pecan, chewy creamy caramel that is equally wonderful room temp. or right from the fridge, and a smooth, lick your fingers dark chocolate. oof. Now I want one!

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      1. re: dulce lover

        dulce, i checked them out and would order them now (online btw) except they don't make them in dark chocolate,phooey!!