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Nov 16, 2006 05:56 AM

specific locations/london, please

Have mined your board for several months worth of great recs, even though we will only be in your fair city for 8 days. Thank you all and I surely will report back.

So, here are a couple of dangling unanswered questions.

When visiting the Tate Modern and British, where to stop for a midday meal? I see that both have a restaurant & cafe, which one, if any, would you choose? Would like to take the boat in between, so a place close to either, not in between, is preferable. Also, where would you eat near the British Museum?

When attending the National Theatre/Lylleton, and Noel Coward Theatre, where would you dine?

We prefer Indian, Middle Eastern, F&C, Modern British, and seafood/salad restaurants.

On (near) Drury Lane, Covent Garden, what is your fav pub (for a pint and food) and Indian Restaurant in the area? Is Bhangra Beat worth a visit?

I appreciate all help and opinions.

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  1. The Tate Modern has places to eat but they are a bit grim. The Tate Britain on the other hand has a decent restaurant with one of the bargain wine lists in London

    If you are at the National, you can try RSJ on Coin st which has a superb wine list ( mainly Loire, I think )

    My favourite F&C place is not far from there on Waterloo rd ( near The Old Vic ) and is called Master's Superfish.

    Near The British Museum ( on Museum St, I think ) is Abeno. it is a Japanese okonomiyaki place and pretty hearty

    Drury Lane/Covent Garden is home to Moti Mahal ( Great Queen St ) which I thik is one of the best of the higher end Indian places

    Hope this helps

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      I'm off to London myself soon. I'm actually from London but living in New York for some time. now. I work in the wine business and have no idea of what is going on there in the food and wine world -- other than all the celebrity Brit chefs that makes the news here.

      I just checked RSJ's website and the wine list is magnificent. Can you recommend other restaurants that are similar, offering good honest food and great wines? I'll be staying in Brixton so IF there's any place around south London that you think is worthy of a visit please let me know. Otherwise north of the river it is. Thanks!


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        My fave place for good food and a great wine list (and you can even buy bottles on property to take away!) is Vinoteca in Farringdon, a little north of Smithfield Market. Closest to Barbican and Farringdown tubes.

      2. re: Simon Majumdar

        Very helpful, thank you, Simon. Moti Mahal was on my list but I had not placed it yet near Drury Lane, excellent. Also the rec for Master Superfish and Abeno are well, super!

        At the Tate Britain, you recommend the restaurant and not the cafe?
        What sort of cuisine does RSJ have?

      3. If possible, do avoid the higher priced restaurant in the British Museum. It's up the beautiful white staircase which is part of Queen Elizabeth Hall. It's overpriced and the food is fairly mediocre. I agree that the Tate Modern's restaurant is only best in an emergency. If you're there on a Friday or Saturday, the Borough Market is a only a short walk away if you've never experienced that scene.

        1. I would definitely do the Tate Modern on a Friday or Saturday early afternoon and then head over to Borough Market. (South end of London Bridge.) Try to get there by 12...the crowds between 12 and 2 can be pretty bad. But it's so worth it. Love those chorizo sandwiches at Brindisa!

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          1. re: kristainlondon

            I think Brindisa are doing the chorizo sandwiches from Tuesday to Saturday these days... I'm scared to visit, I may never leave!

            1. re: ali patts

              You are probably right--I remember seeing a sign that said as much a month or so ago! I might argue that Borough itself is most fun on Fridays and on Saturday (Sats more so), Brindisa aside. :)

            2. re: kristainlondon

              Miz Candy and I were so into the chorizo sandwiches on our visit last month that we forgot to take a picture of them...

            3. In Tate Britain, be sure to go to the restaurant not the cafe. It's more expensive but still good value for very nice modernish, unfussy English food, pleasant service and, as Simon Majumdar says, a great wine list.
              For the National Theatre, if you don't go to RSJ, there's Chez Gerard in Belvedere Road for steak and chips or Wagamama in the Festival Hall for Japanese - good for pre-theatre because they're quick. Or the Mezzanine in the theatre itself is fairly good- you probably need to book. Don't even think about eating at one of the cafes in the theatre.