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Need a Romantic Dinner Place near Seattle

I just moved to Maple Valley from Texas. Having some culture shock and in need of a night out on the town for my husband and I. We don't mind a drive into Seattle, just in desparate need of romance and good food. Any suggestions?

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    1. NEJ, I suggest Marzano's in Parkland. (On Garfield street near the PLU campus.) This tiny Italian restaurant is in an old house. Family owned, it's warm and quite romantic. Reasonable prices and authentic Italian. (You'll need reservations.)

      1. I suggest Lark (no reservations, get here by 5:30 and get a booth) and Eva.

        1. Volterra in Ballard is very good. The website has the full menu, I believe.

          If you want to go downtown, I'd recommend Matt's in the Market or Le Pichet- both in the market yet not quite like Campagne or Chez Shea.

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            Volterra has a very bustling casual atmosphere, which may or may not be what you are looking for ("romantic"). I'm a big fan of Matt's for lunch but not for dinner. If you like Le Pichet, you may like Cremant more (try their crispy pork belly appetizer). Chez Shea is a great suggestion although I think for the full-on night on the town/romantic atmosphere (with food that is not too fussy), Canlis is a good one to start with.

          2. BOKA KITCHEN + BAR on First & Madison is really great. BOKA stands for Bold Original Kitchen Artistry and it is that, try the Urban BItes! Food and service was wonderful! Reservations good idea. Really easy to access from the Eastside, down Madison to First, valet parking and back up Spring to freeway! Definitely worth a try.

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              BOKA is not what I would call romantic.

            2. Crush is pretty romantic, if you dont mind looking into the kitchen and seeing the chef do his thing. I went in there recently and they did a pretty good job from aps through desert as well as a very trendy cocktail menu and good wine list (knowledgable sommelier)

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                yes, it's romantic if you like hearing the chef yelling at the cooks, listening to the conversations of all the other tables around you and rubbing shoulders with the diners next to you. in other words, not romantic at all.

              2. My girlfriend & I love Nell's by Greenlake. Great food, well presented, with an elegant atmosphere.

                We seem to migrate there for celebratory meals.

                We also love Matt's in the Market.

                1. Reading these makes me think about how subjective "romantic" is. I think Le Pichet is very romantic because it reminds me of a Parisian bistro, and we love anything that reminds us of Paris. But the tables are close together and it's bright and somewhat noisy, so maybe not everyone will find it romantic. I think Maxamilien in the Market is, too, with it's great Bay view and old wood floors, but I like the food best for brunch or happy hour. The upstairs bar is equally romantic (that's where you'll find happy hour). I think Canlis would probably fit most people's definition of romantic but it's quite pricey and you can get better food for the same $$ elsewhere.

                  1. I'm a huge fan of Le Gourmand in Ballard. The food is incomparable. It is expensive, though. If there doesn't happen to be a bachelorette party going on (like the night I was there) the accompanying bar, Sambar, is a great place to get variations on the delicious food for a lower price. Additionally, I've never had more exquisite drinks than I had at Sambar and Le Gourmand.

                    I also like Matt's in the Market for lunch or dinner. There's also a funky little crepe place in Fremont called Bouchee that can be very romantic. Their prices are reasonable; the antipasto is excellent and makes a good meal; and if you go on a Friday, there's a great magician who wanders table to table.

                    Oh! And the Boat Street Cafe on Lower Queen Anne. Just ate there recently for the first time, and it was beautiful - the atmosphere and the food.

                    1. nejifer, how much money per person do you want to spend? Give a number not an adjective, and bear in mind that tax and tip will add 27% to the list price. It would also help if you could provide any information about your favorite kinds of good food. Seattle is a fantastic restaurant town, but prices and cuisines vary. If you want information, you've got to give information.

                      1. Seattle faux gormands foolishly imagine only Seattle offers great Northwest cuisine.

                        Phooey! Marzano's, 618 Garfield (a block from Pacific Lutheran University -PLU), Parkland Washington, sets Northwest standards for Italian food. Elisa Marzano arrived from Italy at the age of 18. What she learned in the kitchens of Italy is celebrated each Tuesday through Saturday. My advice; first google, then mapquest and then jump in the car and go. Reservations on weekends. Good food, good value, good ambience. Good Golly Ms. Molly!

                        1. I loved Campagne down near Pikes Market. The food was wonderful, and the vibe was romantic.

                          1. Is Chez Shea open again yet?
                            Hmmm... TX=flat,dry,warm - WA=vistas, damp, cool,
                            First-off - go see the Moisture Festival at Hales Ales
                            Then a good meal at a place with a view that really reassures you have not moved to purgatory.
                            Canli$ will do that, or Ray's. but I like the cozier places like Matt's or Chez Shea, maybe Salty's.
                            Hey - I've got it--> dinner at Asteroid, in Fremont, and the craziest vaudevillian backyard show you ever saw, a few blocks toward Ballard, at Hales Ales. Plan time for an Ale in the bar...

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                              Chez Shea is definitely open for business...i would pass on their mushroom soup, and their oysters and Kobe were not outstanding the last time i went, but it's still a great spot

                            2. Drama & Romance= El Gaucho in Belltown