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Nov 16, 2006 04:15 AM

Where to take Mom & Dad to eat in Houston after Thanksgiving???

My parents are coming for Thanksgiving!!! While I've got everything planned for turkey day, I need some ideas on some fun, casual, trendy restaurants to take them during the rest of their stay. It seems that I've taken them to all of the places one takes the out of towners - Goode Co., Ruggles, Cafe Annie, Black Lab, Niko Nikko's, etc. Any ideas out there??? No chains please and don't you dare mention Kemah or anything else under the Landry's empire!!! :)

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  1. Churrascos on Westheimer has always been wonderful when I'm visiting Houston. I'm curious, though, what are the thoughts on the more casual Amazon Grill?

    1. Addisaba Ethiopian Restaurant on DeMoss in SW Houston is probably the most unique restaurant in town. Ethiopian food is trendy, too (not in the Cafe Annie sense), in spite of its 2,000 history, and is now being explored and appreciated by young American cognoscenti.

      Be adventurious. Eat with your hands, much as the Native Americans may have at the original Thanksgiving feast. And, unlike the original Thanksgiving guests, just leave a tip in appreciation of the service, don't kill the hosts. Happy holiday!

      1. You might want to try Indika on Westheimer for great Indian food. This restaurant, which recentely moved from the Memorial area has maintained or even improved its quality.

        Try Goode Company Seafood on Westpark - it is in an old dining car, and the seafood is superb!. Very light fried seafood and wonderful chargrilled fish as well. Try their ceviche too - first class.

        We love Nino's on West Dallas for Italian - very nice atmosphere and service, as well as superb food from both the Tuscan and southern regions of Italy.

        You did not mention Ninfa's on Navigation - where on any Sunday evening you will see a very interesting cross-mix of people from its megamillionaires to its artists to everyday people having a good time. Mama Ninfa introduced Fajita's to the US. And this original location is the only one with the quality and atmosphere that make it unique.

        Backstreet Cafe has a great backyard patio if the weather is pleasant. and the food is very good eclectic fare.

        La Dolce Vita on Westheimer, near Indika's, is a very upscale pizza place - and very trendy.

        And I would second the recommendation for Churrasco's on Westheimer. The beef is as good as anywhere in town. Their sister restaurant - Americas - is a very beautiful place on Post Oak near the Galleria and has similarly good menu.

        For absolutely superb Tuscan food, try Rouge on Westheimer, where Aldo has set up shop again.

        Enjoy your times - Houston has some very good restaurants

        1. There are plenty of good places to eat in Houston but if your parents are not Texans. Then you have to take them to Thelma's Barbecue. It's usually crowded so I recommend ordering take-out. The line is sometimes very long and it does take a while to get your food sometimes but that just means the food is good. It's not exactly in the prettiest of neighborhoods but don't worry about safety. I always see a lot of cops inside. The quality of the food is usually top notch but everything is made from scratch so sometimes it's hit or miss but that's how it goes with "slow" food which is much to be preferred over fast food.