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acme burger (queensway/royal york) - has anyone tried?

Looks new and was hoping for a review?


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  1. It is new...haven't tried it yet - I'd also like to hear from anyone who has. The Vietnamese place across the street (kiddy corner) has good pho, the rest of the stuff we tried was not bad.

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      Do tell more about the Viet place. Thx

      1. re: eatup

        It's called Hoaikuoung. Great pho; ask for the tendon if you like it because it's not on the menu. Chicken wings are also good.

        1. re: Anna B

          I found the beef in the normal beef pho to be of excellent quality.

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        Where exactly is this Vietnamese place? I live just around the corner from Acme, and I've been by the Royal York and Queensway intersection at least 8 times in the past 2 weeks, but I have yet to see ANY Vietnamese restaurant. Kitty corner to Acme is a Pizza Pizza.

        1. re: Davedigger

          North side of Queensway, about a block and a half east of Royal York.

      3. I've been watching this place go up. I hope its good. Looking forward to some reviews.

        BTW, I havent seem to be able to locate a website for it, does anyone know if they have one?


        1. Are they now open? When I drove by it last Friday, there was still paper over the windows.

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            I just noticed that it was open last night. Packed with people.

          2. Arrived last Saturday, 1:30PM ish, lineup was long, confusion in the kitchen. I cannot confirm, but I believe Saturday was their opening day.

            Had Acme Burger Deluxe (cheese and peameal bacon) with fries and also ordered onion rings to try, with Dr. Pepper to wash down the Angus beef.

            Dr. Pepper - Spot on, they've got the mix correct

            Fries - appear soggy, but in fact taste very good, they are fresh cut, do not taste like onion rings, so guessing they have separate fryers - Bonus!

            Onion Rings - Standard frozen rings - a bit soggy, believe this is due to fryer not at temp.

            Burger - Frozen type burger, grilled. Ketchup, mustard, pickle, tomato and Acme Sauce. I was told Acme sauce was similar to ranch, which was true but with a hint of dill. Burger was pink, and peameal rubbery. Did not finish burger.

            To make up for the confusion on the order, received an additional order of Fries, personally delivered to the table. Nice gesture, and personal apology (Note: in no way did I complain, in fact I told them not to worry - I was in no rush)

            Interior is pleasant, mixture of do-it-yourself and Ikea. The round metal lunch trays won't last long before they swap out to larger standard plastic ones.

            Paper placemat is well intended, however the spelling and grammar mistakes will make you crack a smile.

            Will repeat? Yes, but will wait 2-3 weeks for them iron out service and food kinks.

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              I had a similar experience on Friday.

              Short line-up, with 3 people ahead of me. First guy appeared to have been standing waiting for his food for a while. Second guy got his food and left. Woman after 2nd guy got her food and went to sit down. Girl that had come in after me got her food and left. 1st guy got 2 out of 5 of his burgers and had to remind them that he had another 3 coming to him. All this took about 10 minutes. Then I finally got my burger and sat down.

              The woman that had been in front of me in line asked if my burger was cooked. It was. Hers wasn't. She took it back.

              The burger itself was dry and I really, really didn't like the Acme sauce. It tasted more like a mayo/horseradish type sauce to me rather than ranch. Only ate 2/3 of the burger.

              I too will give it another shot (without Acme sauce) in a month or so, once the kitchen settles down.

            2. Personally, in the West End I like Magoo's, in the plaza on Dundas just east of Royal York.

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                I would agree. Magoo's is better then Apache, Red Cabin or Lick's in Etobicoke

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                  I love Magoo's too. Best all around burger place in the west end.

                2. I went to Magoos once and the burger was good, but they wouldn't put the cheese on the burger while it was cooking - I hate shredded unmelted cheese on a burger. They claimed it was the law - which of course makes no sense whatsoever.

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                    This reminds me, I was recently in the European Meat Market in Kensington Market and they had a sign that stated that due to health regulations, they were no longer permitted to toast the buns when it came to selling their sausages on a bun. Why is this a health issue?

                    1. re: Brain of J

                      Probably because they only have one grill, so the buns can potentially come into contact with uncooked meat.

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                      I don't understand the whole Magoo's thing...it is alright...but it seems like a generic burger to me...Ill take Apache anyday...plus the onion rings are awesome...

                    3. I went to Acme today, and the kinks are definitely not yet ironed out. Ordering took awhile - the girl didn't seem to know how to use the machine. No problem.

                      Was asked my order repeatedly by the two guys doing the preparing and they kept switching back and forth on different orders. Again, not really a problem, but he did forget the lettuce after I asked him twice to put it on.

                      Onions rings were good but not too crispy. Not a big deal. The burgers and buns were dry. Pemeal was rubbery. Overall, I didn't enjoy it at all. Big Problem!

                      I probably won't give them another chance. Unfortunately I can get a much better meal at Wendy's.

                      1. I just went and I've had better burgers at Harvey's and Wendy's. The cashier had issues understanding my order (even though it was simple), but its a burger place, I don't expect too much there. Their fries are good!

                        1. You can't pry me from Magoos they have the best veggie burger around. apparantly the meat ones are pretty good too!

                          1. VERY disappointing. I live just a few blocks from ACME, and was eagerly awaiting their opening, as I am a die-hard burger fanatic, but my first visit was enough to deter me from becoming a regular customer. First, the service was absolutely abysmal - it was as though everybody working there (including the guy who seemed to be in charge) had, seconds before I got there, magically appeared in the restaurant, without any idea what they were doing there. Second, the food: mediocre, at best. Patties that are grilled, then left to sit in a stainless pan for an unknown time before being dropped onto a bun and dressed with toppings that the servers seem absolutely clueless about (which burger did you order? what does it have on it? wait, let me check the menu...). A great idea, badly managed.... Don't bother.

                            1. What time is place open until....I'd like to check it out tomorrow night.

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                                Honestly I would drive a little further and go to Magoo's (open until 10pm most nights) I have always had a fresh, made to order burger there...great toppings too. I have not tried ACME but friends say it was bad and reading above reviews are not great.

                                Magoo's is on Dundas just east of Royal York (in plaza with Bruno's grocery)

                              2. Have been meaning to try ACME for a while, but after reading the reviews here ..I'll pass.
                                Try C+Dubbs - on the south side of Dundas east of Dixie Road.
                                Excellent burgers, great rings - portions are huge and very economical.
                                Best I've come across...so far

                                1. This place is great. I have been there 3 times and the burgers have been top notch, way better than any franchise I have been to. Service was great to.

                                  Maybe you guys went when there will still growing pains, but dont not go to this place because of these reviews judge for yourself!

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                                    I have been going to a pub called the Galway Arms (838 The Queensway, Etobicoke) for many years...It's is just west of Acme...across from BK...
                                    The atmosphere and the beer are great.
                                    I just recently tried the burger.
                                    It was truly exceptional. Huge burger, extremely tasty..
                                    .....comes with fries for $7.45..Definitely worth a try...

                                  2. Just ate here tonight after visiting a friends house.

                                    As soon as I entered the owner greeted me at the counter. I ordered their 6oz. pemeal bacon w/cheese burger, and fries.

                                    It was a burger grilled from scratch, certainly wasn;'t sitting in any steel bin as someone above me mentioned.. It took a good 10 minutes to cook.

                                    The guy made a note of telling me how he JUST undercooks them slightly in order to keep a juicy red center. He was right -- mine was not grey all the way through surprisingly enough. The Acme Sauce was like a ranchy blue-cheese sauce that I'll definitely do without on the next visit , but the food definitely hit the spot.

                                    Not sure about the negative reviews above but I was happy with a non-grey hockey puck and freshly cut fries.

                                    Thumbs up from me..

                                    1. Been to Acme a few times but never had any beef. I do enjoy the Chicken breast sandwich, though I have it on a hamburger bun. The bun that comes with the chicken breast sandwich is to big imho. Since there is a good portion of chicken, the hamburger bun is sort of small for the amount of chicken, which is good. The chicken is not overdone, cooked but still moist. The fries are ok, whish they where a little crisper though. For fast food I thought the chicken was rather good. They have some interesting sauces; I have had chutney (can’t remember what kind) on the chicken sandwich a few times, and they also have a roasted pepper sauces which is rather nice. My wife has had the pork souvlaki which came with the usual toppings. Again the meat was not overcooked and was very moist and well seasoned.
                                      The chicken sandwich is far, far better than one from Apache, the Apache chicken is dry as sand. Acme does not attack the meat while it is grilling, which is a pet peeve of mine. I’ve never been there when they are busy, but from my experience I fail to understand the above negative reviews. Of course the date on the above are from 2006-7, so I’m guessing those at Acme have worked out the kinks and things are fine now.

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                                        I tried Acme recently. It was okay, but didn't impress me that much. I would put it a bit below behind south street in terms of quality.

                                        The burgers are fresh meat, but there was a slightly acidic taste to it. I like the bun to be unobtrusive, unless it is a really good sourdough or other really tasty bun. The egg buns they use were thick and heavy, but that's a common complaint for me.

                                        If I was in the area, I'd probably go over to Royal Meats for their unique offerings. None of the burger places along are worth the time or money either.

                                      2. Food is extremely average. Thought it was going to be like Johnny Burger in Scarborough - not at all! The man who owns it is very rude and the staff is slow. I've been twice and the burgers were not at all worth the money. I drive by every day on my way home from work and it is dead inside. Worth a MISS!

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                                          Your review confuses me. Johnny Burger = rude staff and extremely subpar burgers. How exactly did ACME differ from this?

                                        2. I haven't had Acme burger for a few months now, but everytime I have (numerous times over the past 2-3 years), I've quite enjoyed it. The burgers are tasty and seem fresh to me, and are proper grill burgers. The fries are also great. And while I don't get the Acme sauce on the burger, I do always ask for a little side of the sauce, which is great to dip fries in!

                                          I am always a little concerned to see the place empty - as I usually use a crowd as a gauge for how the food, service, and cleanliness are. So an always-empty place makes me wonder what others know that I don't know. But based on my experiences, I'd choose this place over Royal Meats any day!

                                          Royal Meat Bbq
                                          710 Kipling Ave, Toronto, ON M8Z5G5, CA