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Nov 16, 2006 04:12 AM

acme burger (queensway/royal york) - has anyone tried?

Looks new and was hoping for a review?


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  1. It is new...haven't tried it yet - I'd also like to hear from anyone who has. The Vietnamese place across the street (kiddy corner) has good pho, the rest of the stuff we tried was not bad.

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    1. re: DDD

      Do tell more about the Viet place. Thx

      1. re: eatup

        It's called Hoaikuoung. Great pho; ask for the tendon if you like it because it's not on the menu. Chicken wings are also good.

        1. re: Anna B

          I found the beef in the normal beef pho to be of excellent quality.

      2. re: DDD

        Where exactly is this Vietnamese place? I live just around the corner from Acme, and I've been by the Royal York and Queensway intersection at least 8 times in the past 2 weeks, but I have yet to see ANY Vietnamese restaurant. Kitty corner to Acme is a Pizza Pizza.

        1. re: Davedigger

          North side of Queensway, about a block and a half east of Royal York.

      3. I've been watching this place go up. I hope its good. Looking forward to some reviews.

        BTW, I havent seem to be able to locate a website for it, does anyone know if they have one?


        1. Are they now open? When I drove by it last Friday, there was still paper over the windows.

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          1. re: Brain of J

            I just noticed that it was open last night. Packed with people.

          2. Arrived last Saturday, 1:30PM ish, lineup was long, confusion in the kitchen. I cannot confirm, but I believe Saturday was their opening day.

            Had Acme Burger Deluxe (cheese and peameal bacon) with fries and also ordered onion rings to try, with Dr. Pepper to wash down the Angus beef.

            Dr. Pepper - Spot on, they've got the mix correct

            Fries - appear soggy, but in fact taste very good, they are fresh cut, do not taste like onion rings, so guessing they have separate fryers - Bonus!

            Onion Rings - Standard frozen rings - a bit soggy, believe this is due to fryer not at temp.

            Burger - Frozen type burger, grilled. Ketchup, mustard, pickle, tomato and Acme Sauce. I was told Acme sauce was similar to ranch, which was true but with a hint of dill. Burger was pink, and peameal rubbery. Did not finish burger.

            To make up for the confusion on the order, received an additional order of Fries, personally delivered to the table. Nice gesture, and personal apology (Note: in no way did I complain, in fact I told them not to worry - I was in no rush)

            Interior is pleasant, mixture of do-it-yourself and Ikea. The round metal lunch trays won't last long before they swap out to larger standard plastic ones.

            Paper placemat is well intended, however the spelling and grammar mistakes will make you crack a smile.

            Will repeat? Yes, but will wait 2-3 weeks for them iron out service and food kinks.

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            1. re: littledane

              I had a similar experience on Friday.

              Short line-up, with 3 people ahead of me. First guy appeared to have been standing waiting for his food for a while. Second guy got his food and left. Woman after 2nd guy got her food and went to sit down. Girl that had come in after me got her food and left. 1st guy got 2 out of 5 of his burgers and had to remind them that he had another 3 coming to him. All this took about 10 minutes. Then I finally got my burger and sat down.

              The woman that had been in front of me in line asked if my burger was cooked. It was. Hers wasn't. She took it back.

              The burger itself was dry and I really, really didn't like the Acme sauce. It tasted more like a mayo/horseradish type sauce to me rather than ranch. Only ate 2/3 of the burger.

              I too will give it another shot (without Acme sauce) in a month or so, once the kitchen settles down.

            2. Personally, in the West End I like Magoo's, in the plaza on Dundas just east of Royal York.

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              1. re: francelonian

                I would agree. Magoo's is better then Apache, Red Cabin or Lick's in Etobicoke

                1. re: francelonian

                  I love Magoo's too. Best all around burger place in the west end.