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Scotch egg in Toronto

Looking for genuine Scotch egg to take home and savour at ones leisure. Anyone?! I recall the old Marks and Spenser used to carry some frozen ones but now??!! Many Thanks

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  1. What are these Scotch eggs anyways? Tour

    1. Scotch egg
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      A typical packet of supermarket scotch eggs
      Inside a scotch eggA Scotch egg is a snack food of Scottish origin consisting of a cold, hard-boiled egg removed from its shell, wrapped in a sausage meat mixture, coated in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried. It is eaten cold, typically with salad and pickles.

      Scotch eggs were traditionally a Scottish breakfast or picnic food, designed to be eaten fresh. However, in the UK at least, they have acquired an unfashionable, downmarket reputation due to the preponderance of pre-packed, plastic-wrapped Scotch eggs sold at convenience stores and service stations. These are generally made with very cheap meat and eggs



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        although most often served cold here, they are great went fresh out of the fryer or at room temperature. i dislike the out of the fridge versions sold here....so i prefer to make them at home instead, very easy to do

      2. i am desparately searching for scotch eggs in toronto too. my husband is from england and misses eating a few afer a night out at the pub! let me know if you find anywhere!

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          The Roy, Leslieville, Queen & Logan.

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            King Henry's Arms Pub at Yonge and 14th in Richmond Hill (right beside the McDonald's and Futureshop) has Scotch Eggs, Ploughman's Lunch, Melton Mowbray Pie, and Steak & Kidney Pie.

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              i don't see them on the menu...are they something you have to order and eat there or can you take them out? ypu're tlking about the true scotch eggs with the sausage and breadcrumbs on it.

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                It's been a little while since I was at Feathers, but when I was there I ordered Scotch eggs and a brew. The item was on the snack menu brought to the table. The order arrived with salad. No takeout, as far as I know - it's strictly pub grub - and very good.

            2. The Brick Bakery in the Distillery used to make it, but come to think of it....I don't remember seeing it when I went last week. You might try calling them to ask.

              1. Every ex-pat scot knows (or should know) about the But 'n Ben Butcher and Bakery in Scarborough (McCowan and Ellesmere). It's the only place in TO to get authentic haggis in my opinion. I beleie they have scotch eggs, but call first before making the trek out there.

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                  I've bought a dozen Scotch Eggs there before. You have to call and order first though.

                2. table 17 has one on the brunch menu

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                      i agree with the Table 17 rec. Very good Scotch egg, and with the cheese, creton(/) and pickles, it is a very tasty plate.

                      Table 17
                      782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA

                  1. Don't know if they do take away, but Blogto.com just posted a review of the Queen and Beaver. and it looks like they have it on the menu...

                    1. I know for sure they have them at Grumbel's Deli on Main St., just south of Danforth Avenue.

                      1. The best scotch eggs are at the Best of British store in Cambridge Ont. and they are made by Loudon's Bakery, and that bakery also has the best pub pies as well.

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                          The Queen and Beaver just north of Yonge and Dundas has a great scotch egg on their bar menu. It is made with chorizo sausage, one of the best I have had!

                            1. re: SharkfinSoup

                              Had a great Scotch Egg at The Roy on Queen St E last wee.
                              It had my preferred soft yolk and was well done - not leaden and canonball-like.

                              The Roy
                              894 Queen St E

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                                I had one on Sat. Not so good really. Lacking in any real flavour.

                          1. The Caledonian on College just west of Ossington has them. Scotch eggs, Haggis and a dangerously tempting whisky list. Theirs are the old school, non-greasy tasty ones, and very helpful the morning after too much whisky list perusing. They do take-away.