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Nov 16, 2006 03:46 AM

Would like to send cheese for holiday gifts- Which websites are best?

I'd like to send good quality but not too pricey. Any suggestions out there?

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    1. re: BombayUpWithaTwist

      I have received great gifts from Cowgirl. Only problem came with a 10lb. block of Stilton. We did appetizers, soup, added it to a cheese course, or three, and consumed most of my Vintage Port, but still had too much left over. Great cheeses, and a good selection.


    2. Cabot Creamery has fabulous 2year aged cheddar that you can only buy directly from them. Also check out for a larger selection of small producers that you can order directly from.

        1. re: BJK

          There seem to be two tiers of cheese site recs going on here. Cabot and Grafton make very good cheeses (cheddars) that you can find without looking too hard in grocery stores/specialty stores. The very special extra aged Cabot IS excellent, but I wouldn't hesitate to throw it on a sandwich or cracker or bring it hiking. Formaggio Kitchen and Cow Girl Creamery are a whole other level of specialty/artisanal cheese options. I second the Formaggio Kitchen rec - esp. if you want to send something that is guaranteed to be unusual, delicious, and the highest quality. You can call them and tell them what you want to spend/what you're looking for, and they'll put together an awesome selection for you. And if you're ever in Boston or New York, you can check out the stores and sample away! But I guess it depends on the recipient - are they a cheese lover looking for delicious unusual things, or do you want to send them something they're familiar with (cheddar), but a higher quality than they're used to?

        2. I have found that cheese sites often insist on overnight delivery, which is *very* pricey--as much or more than the cheese itself! When I must have it though, I buy online from Murray's in New York, and have never been disappointed with the quality.

          1. I have had excellent experiences with