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Nov 16, 2006 03:04 AM

Milk Shake Recipes

I was craving one and didn't want to go out so I made one and it really sucked. Who has the secret to a great milk shake?

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  1. What was wrong with it?

    1. It was too runny. I have a fairly new blender and I don't think I blended it that long. I used Edy's slow churned chocalte and vanilla, some hersheys' syrup and 2% Milk. Maybe it was the quality of the indgredients? Very dissapointing

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      1. re: angelo04

        If it was too runny, I'd venture to guess you added too much milk.

        1. re: QueenB

          Yeah, it's probably more a technique issue than a recipe problem at this point. Start with a very small amount of both milk and ice cream, and then add ice cream until you think it's thick enough. Let's just say I was surprised how much ice cream is actually in a milkshake the first time I tried. Talk about "please don't tell me how many calories, just hand it over!"

        2. re: angelo04

          Another tip, let the ice cream soften a little before putting it in the blender & stir it a little before adding. This way it doesn't have to "blend" as long and won't melt all your ice cream. Softserve ice cream really makes the best milkshakes, IMHO.

        3. Best peach milkshake ever: A bag of frozen peaches, a couple of glops of sour cream, a bit of milk, vanilla, brown sugar, whirl it up in the blender.yummmmm.

          1. Oh....a Peanut Butter Shake!

            (I like to say it's a "protein smoothie," to make me feel better....but really's just a milkshake!)

            Fat free vanilla frozen yogurt (or full fat vanilla...knock yourself out)
            Skim milk (or regular!)
            Lots of peanut butter

            Favorite treat/snack ever.

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            1. re: stacylyn

              The peanut butter shake is my favorite, 1/2 cup peanut butter,
              2 lg eggs, 1 ripe banana, 3 cups nr.2 milk. a pinch of cinnamon.
              you have a new snack. and a quick breakfast, that will give you
              the energy for the start of the day.

            2. Add malted milk powder, that favorite mellow flavor of the inside of a malted milk ball! Good with vanilla or chocolate, never tried it with fruit, or others.