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Suffering for succotash

I am looking for a good recipe for succotash. I thought the colors and corn theme would be good for Thanksgiving. I will also be making it ahead of time and transporting to MIL's house. Thanks

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  1. I too am ooking for a good recipe...but I am going to riff off of trader joes and do edaname and corn for soycatosh

    1. I never really use a recipe for mine. Just cook your limas and your corn then saute together with a good amount of high quality butter, some salt and pepper and maybe serve some hot sauce at the table. Lets the flavor of the veggies stand out...

      1. I also don't have a recipe, but I use soy beans. You can buy them shelled and ready to go at Trader Joes, and they make an excellent substitute for the limas. I also add finely diced red pepper, red onion, and red pepper flakes. Also, at the end, maybe a dash of cream.

        1. Was looking for exactly that last night. Came up with this recipe from Laurie Colwin


          and this variation (using frozen veggies) that Amuse Bouches posted last year.


          There was also this on Epicurious


          that appealed to me because of the pearl onions. Thought I might like that addition and figured I'd substitute limas for the zucchini. But my goodness, that's a lot of cream. Decided to go for the Colwin variation. Sounds just right.

          1. I saute some bacon and add (this time of year) frozen corn and BABY lima beans and just a tiny bit of water (just so they don't stick, not enough for them to boil)and cook until tender, stirring occasionally and then add salt to taste and lots of black pepper.

            1. Secret: Use dried baby lima beans. Far superior to fresh/frozen. They become silken and have a better flavor.

              1. I'd also have a look at Southern Living. Haven't checked, but this does seem like their kind of thing.


                1. I make succotash with sweet corn, fresh lima beans, and Sweet 100 tomatoes bound with a bit of cream and white wine flavored with minced-shallot and garlic. I flavor it with either nutmeg or basil, the basil being a wonderful pairing although not at all traditional.

                  But in late Novemeber I would choose another dish. None of these ingredients are in season and you would be better off making a dish with something at its peak.

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                    I freeze the kernels of the end of season corn for this purpose, and dried baby lima beans, which are far superior to fresh, are perfectly in season.

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                      Really? You prefer dried baby limas to fresh? They are such different flavors.

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                        I love both, but dried baby lima beans have such as silken texture and delicate bean flavor that I think they are tops for succotash.

                        I made extra of my succotash for my 80ish widow neighbor a couple of years ago. She was almost moved to tears. She loves succotash but had not had succotash made with dried baby limas since her honeymoon in Maryland with her late husband during WW2. She remarked very emotionally, and anytime I make more for her, continues to remark, how superior they are to fresh-frozen. She's an excellent cook, and this was not merely a Proustian moment.

                        It always helps to have fresh dried beans. Places like Purcell Mountain Farms are great resources for those.

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                      Sounds good, I'll have to try it next summer. I am not overly concerned about using fresh corn. I like frozen corn, especially for easy comfort food.

                    3. Thanks for all the great ideas. Especially the tip about baby lima beans. If MIL doesn't like lima beans then I'll go the edemame route.

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                        I was going to post my recipe but someone beat me to it. I would add that I've made it with both lima beans and edamame and I prefer it with limas -- edamame are firmer and the texture of the entire dish isn't as good. And don't be afraid to add extra ginger.

                      2. Thanks to all it was a success. I loved the texture of formerly dried baby limas and felt the ginger really brought the dish together. It reminded me of the succotashs from my childhood but this version was a lot better.