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Nov 16, 2006 01:56 AM

GretchenS, thanks for the Gingered Greens with Tofu recipe

We tried it tonight and LOVED it...I think your post was from 2005 but I was looking for a seared tofu recipe for tonight and found below in case anyone would like to try it. I added some sesame oil and very thinly slivered red bell pepper to it. Really excellent.

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  1. Oh good, isn't that yummy? Glad you liked it, so do we!

    1. This looks great, thanks for reposting!

      1. One question: in step 1 it says to pour the marinade over the tofu, sprinkle 2 T oil, set aside, then to broil it in step 3. Then it says to toss it with the marinade and cooked greens in step 5...but the marinade was already poured over the tofu before broiling...or do you just drizzle a bit of the marinade over the tofu before broiling? That probably makes more sense. What do you do?

        1. What I did: poured marinade over extra firm Nasoya tofu (that I had drained on paper towels with heavy pot on top beforehand) for whatever, like 15 minutes...I didn't use the broiler to brown the tofu, seemed unnecessary...used my nonstick skillet with a little tiny bit of cooking spray...took the cubes of tofu out of the marinade & seared them on both sides in skillet. Removed them from skillet and then took care of the greens/ginger/red bell pepper in same skillet (I think I added a bit of peanut oil to the skillet to cook the greens)...added back the browned tofu and poured in the marinade, bringing to gentle boil to reduce a bit. Not sure how GretchenS does it but this worked for us and we loved some Vietnamese Chili Garlic sauce as a bit of topping over it with basmati rice.

          1. Thanks Val! This sounds like a great weekday meal. I'm always looking for new things to do with tofu.