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Nov 16, 2006 01:54 AM

lunch in Grand Rapids, MI

Hey, Michigan hounds! I'm going to Grand Rapids to do some research on Saturday and will probably get a late lunch or early dinner while I'm there. Any recommendations? I like Mexican food, which should be good over there, but I'm up for almost anything -- even the elusive Dutch cuisine, if it is to be found. Someone once told me that when she was a kind in west Michigan and they'd divide her grade school class into two groups, one group would consist of last names beginning with letters from A through U, and the other would be V through Z. I will be downtown, but eastside or 28th St. is also fine.

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  1. I'm going to be in the Grand Rapids area next Wednesday, and I'm looking for something that isn't part of the chain restaurant scene along the Beltway and 28th street retail district. I will be dressed casually and prices in the range of $10 person is my target.

    local specialties are preferred.

    1. go to east town and everything there I like if you are down town take division north to Wealthy and go east (it should be a left turn and drive until the road turns to bricks (maybe mile) and pick a restaurant. I like samies(sp)its on the right

      there is also san chez tapas but it can be pricey and next to that is a Moroccan place YUM these are right down town just go up the hill from the arena and look on the south side of the street.

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        Hey, I went to San Chez, which was very near where I was doing my work. Dropped a few bucks. Quite a few, in fact. But I thought I got my money's worth. Really unusual stuff--had a squid dish with leeks and Spanish bacon. Can't get that in SE Michigan! Thanks for the tip. It's a beautiful space--if I ever go out on a date in Grand Rapids, that's the place I'd choose.

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          BTW, for those following these directions, you go south from downtown on Division to get to Wealthy, not north. Then turn left.

          1. re: Jim M

            samies is actually called The Pita House and is at 1450 Wealthy St and it does have great gyros, right off the spit, not the precut, warm on a griddle stuff from Kronos.