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Nov 16, 2006 01:34 AM

Thanksgiving recommendation for the Peninsula?

I'm looking for a nice Thanksgiving dinner for my dad (age 88) and me. We've always had a home-cooked dinner, with relatives or just ourselves, but it's getting to be a bit much for him to cook, and my house is too far away.

Any recommendations for a nice dinner (he likes to eat around 4 PM) between, say, SFO and Palo Alto? Either a buffet or a sit-down dinner is fine. He likes good food (and obviously, so do I!) but there should be the traditional dishes as well as anything innovative. Something in the $40-50 range is fine, we probably don't want to do a $100 dinner.

It's hard to find listings - some of the local hotels and restaurants probably run ads but I don't get the Peninsula papers, and it's getting late and I assume most people have made their plans.

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  1. Suggest you take a look at They have several Peninsula T-Day listings. I noticed that Creo-la is featuring Turducken, which seems to be the latest sought-after version of foul.

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      I second vivian's suggestion that you check on I just did myself, and noticed that Cetrella, 231 Ellsworth, Viogner, and Van's (among quite a few others) have available tables in your time slot. I think I'd go for Creo-la myself, but Viogner has more sophisticated food, and Van's has a certain old-fashioned feel that I always thought would appeal to my dad.

      1. re: pilinut

        Thanks. I had the listings - wondered that people here thought. As it turned out we decided to try the turducken at Creola, since neither of us has ever had it, and we've been fascinated by the concept since Coach John Madden has been talking it up all these years...

    2. The original comment has been removed